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Of or related to addition.

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What does creamy natural mean?

Not chunky, but smooth, and without artificial ingredients or additives.

What does the numbers in E numbers mean?

The refer to the compounds number in the listing of food additives.

Are there Alternatives for food additives?

what are alternatives for food additives?

What additives do little cigars have in them?

The additives are to keep them from drying out.

Why do you use additives?

you use additives to preserve your food

What are the disadvantages of food additives in human beings?

Advantages to having additives in our food: * Food additives improve the look, color and texture of food. * Food additives increase the shelf life of food. * Food additives help prevent food poisoning. Disadvantages to having additives in our food: * Food additives sometimes destroy vitamins in food * Food additives may be used to make bad quality food look good * Many people are allergic to particular food additives

What effect do additives have on crystals?

The crystal I dated was allergic to additives.

Do meat pies have additives?

if snout and testes are additives the yes

What additives are present in mushrooms?

If mushrooms are fresh or organic, there are no additives in them. If mushrooms are processed, there may be additives added to preserve or flavor them.

Are sugar and salts additives?

Sugar and salt can be used as additives for foods.

What does the E mean in food additives?

Europe. It means that the additive has been recognized as harmless by the European Union.

Are additives in sugar?

Additives are found in many food sources. Additives are found in food with refined sugars, high fructose and corn syrups.

How do you use oil additives?

You don't. Add not additives to your oil. If additives worked the manufactures would add them to the oil and recommend you also do so.

Where are the food additives found?

u can find food additives in foods or drinks

What food has the most additives?

* The answer to this queation is clear. The food that contains the most additives iis bread as it has additives such as preservatives, emulsifiers and bulking agents. Bread would not be bread with its additives * Highly processed foods, such as convenience foods.

What are some additives for chocolate?

The most commen additives are emulsifiers and anti blooming agents

How can additives affect the freezin point of water?

Additives decrease the freezing point of water.

What food contains additives chemical?

Practically all industrial foods contain additives.

What foods have additives?

Most processed foods you guy in the grocery store contain additives.

Additives for 4 stroke go kart pucks?

go kart additives?? fuel or crankcase??

What food additives are added to foods?

Flavouring,colouring,bulking agents are some of the food additives.

What are some common food additives?

Some common food additives are pairs, apples, and yogert!

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