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negative 1

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Q: What does an equal 14a plus 5 minus 8an equals -1?
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14a-4a plus 5a-3a equals?


Add 14a plus 56a equals what?


What does 14a minus 93 equal 49 minus 57a equals?

I'm assuming you mean: 14a - 93 = 49 - 57a If so then the answer is something like this... 14a + 57a = 49 + 93 which is... -> 71a = 142 which makes a = 142/71 = 2 so : a = 2 Hope that's what you were looking for! Your welcome if it was! :)

What is the the answer of 14a plus 6?


Is 3 plus 14a plus 7 multiplication expression?

No, it is not.

Simplify the expression -21a plus 2b plus 14a-9b?


Which expression is equivalent to 14a-4a plus 5a-3a?

It is:12a

Which expression is equvialent to 14a-4a plus 5a-3a?


What is 35 - 14a equals -35?

a=5 (14 x 5 = 70 ; 35 - 70 = -35)

What is the sum of 12a plus 7b -6a- 9 and 14a - 12b?

It is 20a - 5b - 9.

-14a plus 14 equals -8a plus 2?

Add 8a to each side: -6a + 14 = 2 Subtract 14 from each side: -6a = -12 Divide each side by -6: a = 2. Job done.

What is the factor form of -14a-a2 equals 0?

a(-14-a) = 0 so a = 0 or a = -14

What is the difference between pre 14a and def 14a?

PRE 14A : Preliminary Proxy Statement not related to a contested matter or merger/acquisition. It is filed by company before filing of DEF 14A. Some companies only file PRE 14A. They file PRE 14A if DEF 14A may takes time to file. DEF 14A: Definitive Proxy Statements. It contains full information. Every company should file DEF 14A.

What is -6a-8a?


What expression is equivalent to14a - 4a plus 5a - 3a?

14a - 4a + 5a - 3a = 12a

How do you factorise 14a plus 21?

It is: 7(2a+3) when factorised

How do you solve 12a 14a - 4?

If you mean: 12a+14a-4 then it can be simplified to 26a-4

What is 14a divided by 7 simpified?


LCM of 14a and 21?

7...that is the LCM or least common multiple Because 7X2a=14a and 7X3=21

What is the expendables rated in Canada?


How do you subract polynomials example 18a-14a?


What is the GCF of 14a cubed and 21a?


What is code geass rated?

14A, I believe.

What are the ratings and certificates for Fitz - 2007?

Fitz - 2007 is rated/received certificates of: Canada:14A Canada:14A (Alberta)

What is the sum of 7a3 14a 12 and -6a3 12a2 -7?

Assuming the missing signs are pluses, that would work out to a^3 + 12a^2 + 14a + 5