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It remains an improper fraction.

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Q: What does an improper fraction become when it is reduced?
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Related questions

How do you convert 7.4 into an improper fraction?

7.4 = 74/10 as an improper fraction or 37/5 reduced

25 reduced to a fraction?

It is simply 25/1 as an improper fraction

What is 3312 as a reduced fraction?

3312 = 3312/1 as an improper fraction in its lowest terms

What is 16 over 9 as a mixed number?

16/9 is an improper fraction that can be reduced to become the mixed number 1 7/9.

Can 117 over 100 be reduced to a smaller improper fraction?


How do you turn an improper fraction into a normal fraction?

Improper fractions can't become proper fractions.

How do change an improper fraction into a fraction?

An improper fraction is a fraction. It can't become a proper fraction.

What is 5.75 as a improper fraction?

5.75 is the same as 5 75/100 which reduced is 5 3/4. As an improper fraction it is 23/4.

What is the reduced fraction for eleven and one ninths?

It is: 11 and 1/9 = 100/9 as an improper fraction

Can five and three eighths be reduced?

43 over 8 (improper fraction)

Why decimals greater than one become an improper fraction?

Because if you divide out the fraction you get a number bigger than one. (Definition of an improper fraction).

What is an improper fraction for 4 out of 6?

4/6 is a proper fraction. Proper fractions can't become improper fractions.

What is 5 over 8 as an improper fraction in simplest form?

5/8, a proper fraction, cannot become an improper fraction. It is, however, in its simplest form.

How many hours is 75 minutes as a reduced improper fraction?

5/4 hours

Change the improper fraction into a mixed number with the fraction part reduced to the lowest terms?

10/4 is an improper fraction. It is equivalent to 2 and 2/4 as a mixed number and 2 and 1/2 in lowest terms.

Suppose you get zero as the remainder when you divide the numerator of an improper fraction by the denominator what does that tell you?

If the remainder is 0 when you divide the numerator by the denominator, then the improper fraction it is not in the simplest form, and you cannot convert it to a mixed number. For example, 10/2 is an improper fraction, and its reduced form is 5/1. 57/10 is an improper fraction in the simplest form, and we can convert it to a mixed number such as 5 7/10. it tells you that the improper fraction reduces to a whole number: 9/3 10/2 is equal to 3 and 5 respectively

What is 60 percent as a reduced fraction?

Expressed as an improper fraction in its simplest form, 60% is equal to 3/5, or three fifths.

How do you make a number an improper fraction?

Any whole number can become an improper fraction by putting it over one. 9 = 9/1

What is 6.28 reduced to lowest terms?

As an improper fraction in its lowest terms 6.28 is 157/25

What is 4 over 5 as an improper fraction?

4/5 is a proper fraction. Proper fractions can't become improper fractions; it wouldn't be proper.

Can 17 over 15 be reduced and if so what fraction does it become?

The fraction 17/15 cannot be reduced any more.

What Is 8 over 13 as an improper fraction?

8/13 is a proper fraction. Proper fractions can't become improper.

What is 4.27 as an improper fraction?

4.27 as an improper fraction is 427/100

What is 93 over 12 written as an improper fraction?

Exactly as in the question 93/12 which can be reduced to 31/4

How do you turn a fraction into an inproper fraction?

Proper fractions are less than 1. Improper fractions are greater than 1. For a proper fraction to become an improper fraction, you would have to add a quantity that would make it greater than 1.