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The upside down purple triangle was actually used to identify Jehovah's Witnessess

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Q: What does an upside down purple triangle mean?
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What does one upside down triangle inside another triangle mean?

does anyone know this question i am stuck on mathswat ch

What does a upside down triangle symbol on instrument cluster in international bus mean?

The hazard lights.

What does an upside down triangle on a 1920's graveheadstone mean it has a 09 in the middle of it?

It means the person was a witch.

What does three dots in a upside down triangle mean?

SYMBOLS USED IN WRITINGThree dots in a non-inverted triangle shape ( ∴ ) means 'therefore.'Three dots in an upside-down triangle shape ( ∵ ) means 'because'.SAFETY SYMBOLS∵ is also used to mark a "threat".For more information, see Related links below.

What does upside down v upside down v mean?

Answer it

What does an Upside down A mean?

In mathematics, an upside down A means "for all".

What does an upside down triangle mean in maths notation?

The 'upside down' triangle symbol is the (greek?) letter Nabla. Nabla means the gradient. The gradient is the vector field whoose components are the partial derivatives of a function F given by (df/dx, df/dy).

What does a sword with an upside down cross on it mean?

You are holding your sword upside down.

Can chickens lay eggs upside down?

Sounds highly unlikely. But did you mean 'the chicken upside down', or 'the egg upside down'?

What does an upside down rainbow mean?

A upside down rainbow means cheese or tacos

What do symbles mean?

What does an upside down T mean

What does an upside down triangle birthmark mean?

i dont know but i have a 3 dotted birthmark in the shape of a triangle. i wish i knew what it meant. I myself would also like to know what this means, I was also born with a triangle birthmark on the back of my head. i also have one on my right breast lol i was wondering what it meant cuz its a strange birthmark to have : an equal angular upside down triangle formed from three dots

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