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The base being the bottom of a shape.

A pyramid with a square base has 4 sides.

A pyramid with a triangular base has 3 sides.

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Q: What does base's number of sides mean?
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What is the bases number of sides for a triangular prism?


How many bases does a pentagon have?

a pentagon is a 5 sided figure so 5 (if you mean sides, not bases)

What do polygon mean?

a closed figure with multi-number of sides

What does base number of sides mean?

howto be cool like that

How is the number of faces of a prism related to the number of sides of its base?

A prism has two bases that are identical polygons. Suppose these have n sides each. Then there will be n lateral faces so that the total number of faces is n+2.

How is a cube different from a rectangular prisim?

The bases and sides of a cube are squares. The bases and sides of a rectangular prism are rectangles.

The bases of a trapezoid are its?

parallel sides

How many faces join 2 bases?

As many as there are sides on the bases.

What are the parallel sides of a trapezoid?

The parallel sides of a trapezoid are the two bases

What is the shape or kind of face on a triangular prism?

A prism has a variety of bases but the sides are always parallelograms. A triangular prism has a triangle as the two bases and parallelograms as lateral sides. A pyramid has a variety of bases but the sides are triangles.

What is the greatest number of prism can have?

There is none. The number of sides on the bases can always be increased reuslting in an increase in the number of lateral faces. The number of vertices and edges will also increase so there can be no greatest number.

What is a pyramind?

A Pyramid is a Geometric Solid whose sides are Triangles, that meet at its Apex. Pyramids can have Square bases (and thus 4 sides), or Triangular bases (and 3 sides).

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