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you have to project the balls spin and how fast how to turn how slick the lane is and more even

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Q: What does bowling have to do with math?
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How is math used in bowling?

calculate the force of the ball and statistics

How does bowling relate to math?

The pin totals. Adding them, and calculating all the totals.

Why is it hard to calculate theoretical probability for bowling?

if u wereood at math it wouldnt be

What do they call bowling in Hawaii math riddle?

Rolling in the isles

Momentun of 6.0kg bowling ball with velocity 2.2m s?

A bowling ball of 6.0 kg with velociity of 2.2 m would be 2.72. This is taught in math.

How much would a bowling ball weigh in kg?

A 16 pound ball would weight 7.25748 kg. Using simple math, take the weight of the bowling ball in pounds and divide it by 2.2046

When was Bowling Bowling Bowling Parking Parking created?

Bowling Bowling Bowling Parking Parking was created on 1996-07-25.

Why did the british hate bowling?

The British do not hate bowling. There are many bowling lawns and bowling alleys .

What are bowling's main rules?

It depends on if you are speaking of the American Tenpin Bowling, Canadian Tenpin Bowling, Duckpin bowling, Candlepin bowling, etc.

Which one is correct sentence you are playing bowling or you are bowling?

"You are bowling" is correct. Bowling is generally considered a verb.

Name something you need if you want to go bowling?

Bowling ball Bowling shoes Bowling bag

Name something you might need to go bowling?

Bowling ball, bowling shoes, and bowling bag.

What was bowling called in America?

Tenpin bowling or just Bowling for short.

What types of products can one purchase on the Storm Bowling website?

The Storm Bowling website sells all products dealing with bowling. On the site they sell bowling balls, bowling bags, bowling shoes, and other bowling apparel.

Where bowling is done?

In a local bowling alley.On a lane.In a bowling center or house.

What is pot bowling?

Pot bowling in tenpin bowling is when you are bowling for money. It may mean bowling against another player or a team against a team for an amount of money.

Aside from bowling balls what other products does Storm sell?

Aside from bowling balls, Storm sells other items related to bowling. Storm sells bowling shoes, bowling bags, bowling apparel and products designed to polish and clean bowling balls.

What time is open bowling?

Open bowling is either before or after league bowling. Call ahead before going to the bowling alley.

Which is bigger airport bowling or ten pin bowling?

Obviously the ten pin bowling

What is the top bowling company?

Brunswick Bowling is the highest revenue bowling company in the world.

Is Dillon Bowling Alley a good name for a bowling alley?

How about Diagon Bowling Alley...

What do they call bowling in Hawaii in English?


What are the equipments of bowling?

bowling ball,shoes

Where can you get cheap bowling shirts?

In the bowling shop

What is French for bowling?

tha same, bowling