What does charter'd mean?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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charter'd basicly means mapped out restricted

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Q: What does charter'd mean?
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What meant by ACCA?

Administration Charterd Accountant

Who earns more between an investment banker and a charterd accountant?

chartered accountant

What is swift code for standard charterd bank bur Dubai uae?


How did saliors charterd their ways across the seas?

They took star-sights with sextants and often made their own maps.

What is better Charterd accountant or IIT?

In life there is always a positive and a negative what ever you fancy willd do many thanks

Cecos university are charterd?

CECOS University is Chartered by the Government of Pakistan and recognised by the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

What is a charterd accountant?

a chartered accountant is a person who has passed all the required exams of accounting and graduates with a diploma (charter)and a license with this diploma they can either work for a firm or open their own office

What will be the annual salary for a person holding a bachelor degree in charterd institute of management accountant?

Salary, earning potential, and marketability are not only determined by the type of field you are in and the degree you possess. It depends on your position within that field, the institution you work for, your experience, expertise, personal abilities, critical thinking skills, problem solving abilities, dedication and commitment toward ones work, and more. Thus, salary is not so much dependent on the type of degree as much as it is dependent on the person who holds the degree. Still, if you have a specific occupational title, you can then retrieve the estimated mean annual wage particular to that occupation through the U.S. Department of Labor: Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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