What does consecutive?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Following one after another without interruption; successive

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Q: What does consecutive?
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Two consecutive numbers are called what?

They are called just that: "consecutive numbers".They are called just that: "consecutive numbers".They are called just that: "consecutive numbers".They are called just that: "consecutive numbers".

What is consecutive integer?

consecutive integers

Are Friday and then Monday consecutive days?

No Consecutive means after one another, Friday and Saturday are consecutive.

Are the numbers 11 and 13 and 15 consecutive?

You could say these are consecutive ODD numbers.

What two consecutive numbers add up to 60?

Consecutive whole numbers will have an odd sum. Consecutive odd numbers, or consecutive prime numbers, will be 29 and 31.

Are 10 20 30 40 etc consecutive numbers?

Defining "consecutive" as "following continuously in unbroken or logical sequence," it is possible to have many different types of consecutive things: consecutive days, months, odd numbers, even numbers, etc. The list you have is consecutive, they are consecutive multiples of ten.

What is the antonym for consecutive?

The antonym for consecutive is nonconsecutive.

What are consecutive angles of a parrallelogram?

Consecutive angles of a parallelogram are supplementary.

What are consecutive odd numbers?

There are no two consecutive odd numbers.

Consecutive angles in a parrallelogram are?

Consecutive angles in a parallelogram are supplementary.

Is 15 and 17 consecutive to 399?

No. 400 is consecutive to 399.

What makes 300 in 2 consecutive numbers?

Not possible in consecutive integers, nearest is consecutive even integers: 148 & 152