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You made errors.

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Q: What does contains mistakes mean?
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What is a book that contains a spelling mistake?

Many books contain spelling mistakes.

What is the base word of excellent?

you mean excell its ok mistakes are mistakes

Why are people nice when people are mean to them?

people are nice when people are mean to them because you learn from their mistakes, and so you make sure not to make the same mistakes as them of being mean, you try to be a better person then them.

What does efficiens non decordus mean?

make no mistakes

What does 'hamartophobia' mean?

Hamartophobia - fear of making errors or mistakes

What does proofreads mean?

When you check a written or typed document for mistakes

What does infallable mean?

Incapable of making mistakes or being wrong.

What does bludersome mean?

To make mistakes and do tasks or things wrong.

What part of the map contains what symblos mean?

'Key' contains the information of what symbols mean on map.

What are some mean songs?

I don't really think that there is mean song's because we make the mistakes and it is not her fault.

What does fail better mean?

The word 'Fail Better' has the answer in it. To 'Fail Better' it means you should and can fail and make them better; by learning from the mistakes you make. It isn't compulsory to make mistakes but it has a freedom to make mistakes whenever you want, however you want.

What does it mean to be human from a christian point of view?

It means to be normal; the way you where intended to be, because ALL people make mistakes. making mistakes is apart of human nature.

What does the word 'scrutiny' mean?

Scrutiny is the act of examining something closely (as for mistakes).

What does The title Babylon Revisited mean?

It's about going back and fixing your mistakes.

What TM contains mean look in Pokemon diamond?

There is no TM that contains Mean Look inpokemon diamond. You need a Golbat if you want mean look

WHAT DOES hulihia mean?

hulihia means to, well huli means to turn, not sure what hia is so i guess it means to turn on your mistakes, to turn upside down, to turn on your mistakes is alright because you learn on your mistakes. XOXO, Savannah Sylva.

We have made a mistakes when you are in a hurry or make mistakes when we are in a hurry?

We make mistakes when we are in a hurry.

The following are wireless deployment mistakes to avoid except for?

There are no mistakes list to determine which are mistakes. To make sure no mistakes are committed consult a professional.

What does sweety mean?

contains sugar

Do you make mistakes?

Everyone makes mistakes. Making mistakes is simply a part of being human.

How does teacher's reaction make you feel when you make mistakes?

They make you feel upset, but mistakes are mistakes.

The importance of learning from mistakes?

The importance of learning from mistakes is that one knows what mistakes to avoid in the future. Mistakes will make you wiser and more experienced in any field.

does anyone eles think they are a speck of dust but in reality we were all god's mistakes...?

i mean i sure do

What does anhydrous mean?

anhydrous means if a substance contains NO water it is anhydrous. but if it is hydrated it contains water.

How does the nucleus help the cell reproduce?

It contains the genetic structure for the whole cell, therefore meaning it contains the DNA and the genetic structure enabling it to create a gene for the new cell. Please pardon any mistakes made in my explanation.