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A coordinate is a specific point on a plane, usually dictated by two sets of numbers.

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Q: What does coordinate mean in math?
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Related questions

What does coordinate point mean in math?


What does vertical axis mean in math?

The vertical axis in a plane coordinate graph

What does the math term y-coordinate mean?

it means how fare the right is to the left basically.

What does coordinate plane mean in math?

It is also known as the Cartesian plane where shapes and lines are plotted on it.

What does the math term graph mean?

it means that you are plotting the points on a graph, or XY coordinate plane

What does ordered pairs mean in math?

a pair of numbers used to locate a point on a coordinate plane

What does gradient mean in math terms?

A vector having coordinate components that are the derived during the solving of a function.

What does the math term x-coordinate mean?

The horizontal value in a pair of coordinates: how far along the point is.

What does about the origin mean in math terms?

The place of 0o , in the very center, the origin on a coordinate plane, line, etc.

What does coordinate grid mean in math?

I have a question for you. Do you happen to live in Connecticut and go to a school called two rivers?

What does image mean in math term?

It is an exact replica of an shape on agraph only in a different area of the coordinate plane.

Why you use coordinate system in math?

coordinate geometry or algebra is used to solve equations

What is the math term for X-coordinate?

It is the abscissa.

What does ordered pairs mean in math terms?

they mean coordinate planes.. those are the 2 numbers in the parenthesis when u have a coordinate plane on a graph table. an ordered pair is (1,4) the number on the x and y axis (x,y)

What does the math coordinate pair?

The maths coordinate pair does nothing. It just is.

What does abscissa mean in math?

An abscissa is the distance of a point from the vertical axis. In the standard 2-dimensional Cartesian plane, it is the x coordinate.

What does the math term coordinate mean?

In the Cartesian coordinate system, a point represents a position in a two-dimensional space or plane. This means that that point has an x-value and a y-value. This is written as (x,y) and the entire paranthesis is the coordinate. Examples of coordinates: (3,6) and (-2, 12).

What is the math term of a representation of a location?

It is its coordinate or coordinates

Which point is located on the x-axis of a coordinate grid?

The x-axis is infinite. Any number can be on the x-axis of the coordinate plane. If you mean what is the y-coordinate, every point on the x-axis has a y coordinate of zero: (x, 0)

What is a coordinate plane in math?

A coordinate plane consists of the y axis up and left and the x axis right and down

How do you calculate slope in math or science?

m= y2-y1 x2-x1 slope = y coordinate 2 - y coordinate 1 divided by x coordinate 2 - x coordinate 1

What is another name for the x coordinate in math?

The abscissa is another word for the first coordinate in an ordered pair.

What is a x- coordinate in a math term?

It is the abscissa. The x-coordinate usually represents the location to the right of a fixed point, measured towards the right.

Are there any math words that start with z?

zero z-coordinate on a z-axis, zilch, zombie (math student)

What does it mean to intercept in math?

Intercept is a noun, not a verb: so "to intercept" makes no sense. An intercept is a point where a line or curve crosses a line - usually a coordinate axis.