What does vertices in math mean?

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The vertical axis in a plane coordinate graph

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Q: What does vertices in math mean?
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In math what shape has 9 vertices?

A polygon with 9 vertices is a nonagon.

In math what are vertices?

Vertices are the points where edges meet and form an angle.

What does vertices mean in math terms?

its somthing that's in math * * * * * Given that the question asked what it meant in MATH terms, the answer is extremely illuminating! A vertex (plural vertices), is a point where two or more lines (edges) of a shape meet. A more common word for vertex is corner.

What are vertices fourth grade math?

Vertices are the points on any shape. For example, A 2-dimentional square has 4 vertices.

What is the difference between edges and vertices in Math?

Edges are the lines that connect the vertices. The vertices are the actual points where the edges meet.

What are vertices 1st grade math?

EdgesGeometric vertices are the corners of mathematical objects such as cubes.In trigonometry, vertices are the corners of an angle.

What are vertices in math term?

Vertices are points in a solid, or 3-D figure, where edges meet.

What is the meaning of verticles in math?

There is no such word in maths (or math, if you prefer). There are vertices and verticals. They mean different things so find out which one you want and re-submit your question.

What are vertices in 3rd grade math?

Vertices are on a shape when two sides meet up and create a corner. For example, a square has 4 vertices, a tringle has 3 vertices, a circle has no vertices. (singular is 'vertex').

What does vertices of a shape mean?

Vertices = Corners

How mean vertices does a hexagon have?

6 vertices.

How many faces vertices edges does a square based pyramid have?

5 faces 5 vertices 8 edges the math ;)

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