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corresponding angles are angle that if u took one angle it would correspond (witch means equal) with the other angle

The angles that occupy the same relative position at each intersection where a straight line crosses two others. If the two lines are parallel, the corresponding angles are equal!

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The term "corresponding angles" can appear in two contexts.

The more common context is one in which a pair of parallel line is crossed by another, called the transversal. The angles in matching corners are called corresponding angles. They are also known, informally, as F angles.

The second context is that of similar polygons. These are polygons in which all sides of one shape are a constant number of times those of the other and each angle of one is equal to the corresponding angle (that is, angle in the same position), of the other.

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When a transversal line cuts through parallel lines equal corresponding and equal alternate angles are formed

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Q: What does corresponding angles means?
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What are congruent corresponding angles?

corresponding means that they are at the same position, and congruent means that they are the same size and shape

When naming corresponding angles how would it be written?

Corresponding sides means that the sides are congruent

What is a sentence for the word corresponding?

Corresponding means similar in character, form or functions.We discovered our corresponding viewpoints.Find the corresponding angles in the transversal?

In similar triangles corresponding What is are congruent and corresponding?

For segments or angles, "congruent" means that they have the same measure.For more complicated figures, such as triangles, "congruent" means that all corresponding sides and angles are congruent. "Corresponding" means that you make an assignment, from angles and sides of one triangle, to angles and sides of the other triangle. For example, you might label the sides of one triangle a1, b1, c1, and the sides of other triangle a2, b2, c2 - and you consider the "a" sides to be "corresponding".

What are two angles that occupy corresponding positions?

corresponding angles

What is angle side angle prostulate?

If 2 "corresponding" angles of two triangles and the side between the two angles are equal, then the two triangles are congruent. This means all their "corresponding" sides and angles are equal.

What letter do corresponding angles form?

F for corresponding angles and Z for alternate angles

What are corresponding sides and angles?

corresponding sides and angles are congruent s/a

Are corresponding angles the same?

Yes corresponding angles on the transversal line are equal

What are triangles that have equal corresponding angles?

Isoceles triangles and right triangles have 2 corresponding equal angles three equal corresponding angles are equilateral triangle

Are corresponding angles always equal?

corresponding angles are only equal if the angles are b/w the parallel lines.

Are all corresponding sides and angles congruent?

Corresponding sides and angles are not all congruent.