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Difference in math means subtraction. To express the difference between 6 and 2 you would use the equation 6 - 2 = 4.

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Q: What does difference mean in an math equation?
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Is there a difference between an operation in math and an equation in math?

The answer is I dont like math sorry!! :D

What are some equations in math and what do they mean?

what does equation mean

What is equality in math?

Depends how you use it. It can mean equal Or it can mean the equation

What does the math term 'no solution' mean?

There is no real answer to the equation given.

What does the word domain mean in math?

Domain is the independent variable in an equation. It is what you put "in" the equation to get the Range.

What is math equation to represent?

a math equation

What is it called when you add a number to both sides of a math question?

do you mean math equation? If you add a number to both sides of an equation you do not change it. That is called algebra

What does difference of a number mean on math?

the answer to a subtraction question is the difference.

What does equivalent equation mean in math terms?

Equations that have the same solution.

What does the term first difference mean in math?

The phrase "first difference" is usually associated with a sequence of numbers: a(1), a(2), a(3), a(4), ... . The sequence may have a simple rule for generating the numbers , a complicated rule or, if it is a random sequence, no rule at all.The sequence of first differences is a(2)-a(1), a(3)-a(2), a(4)-a(3), ...

What does the word root mean in maths?

In mathematics, the term "root" refers to the solution(s) of an equation. Specifically, the roots of an equation are the values that make the equation true when substituted for the variable. The number of roots depends on the degree of the equation.

What is difference between linear and nonlinear control system?

linear system is like a chemistry equation or math equation where on both sides it must balance. Nonlinear is a math equation or physics that does not appear to have a direct answer just like chaos theory. lulu254ever