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Example- 2 dimensional like a square

Example- 3 dimensional like a cube

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What does 3 dimensional square mean in math?

A cube...

What does the word array mean in math?

A 2-dimensional array is a rectangular arrangement of numbers. There can be multi-dimensional arrays.

What does shape mean in math or in geometry?

It means the outline of a 2 dimensional figure

What does the word perimiter mean in math?

Perimeter is the distance around a two-dimensional shape.

What dou you mean by 3d math shapes?

3 dimensional objects have volume and surface area whereas 2 dimensional shapes have only surface area

What does the word edges mean in math terms?

Edges are one dimensional objects where two planes meet.

What does the math term cylinder mean?

It's the name of a 3 dimensional rounded object with parallel bases

What does faces mean in math terms?

Faces are a term used in Geometry to describe a side on a three-dimensional figure

What does volume mean when you use it in math?

the amount of space taken up by a 3 - dimensional shape such as a box or a room

What does cylinder mean in math?

A cylinder is a three dimensional shape with a uniform circular cross section and a finite length.

What is a solid in a math term?

A solid is a 3 dimensional object in terms of math.

What does cone mean in math terms?

in math terms cone means a 3 dimensional figure that is round on the tpo and has a flat bottom, like an ice cream cone.

What does area mean for math?

Area is the extent of 2-dimensional space covered or occupied by a shape.

What does 3 dimensional figures mean in math terms?

having three dimensions,such as length,width, and height;solid;not flat

What does cubic unit mean in math?

A cubic unit is essentially a three-dimensional unit used to describe volume, just like a square unit is a two-dimensional unit that describes area.

What does abscissa mean in math?

An abscissa is the distance of a point from the vertical axis. In the standard 2-dimensional Cartesian plane, it is the x coordinate.

In math what shape has 7 vertices?

In 2 dimensional space: a heptagon In 3 dimensional space: a heptahedron.

Why is a sphere like math?

Because a sphere is a 3 dimensional shape.

What is conceptual math?

Math that requires you to visualize higher dimensional graphs. It is often less algebra and more pictures of geometry.

What is paralleogram mean in math?

A paralleogram has no meaning. However, a parallelogram is a four sided plane (2-dimensional) figure which has two pairs of [opposite] sides that are parallel.

What are three dimensional shapes called in math?

They are solid shapes as for example a pyramid

How many inches in 10000 sq ft?

if you mean 1 dimensional inches infinitly many. if you mean 2 dimensional inches 1440000. if you mean 3 dimensional inches none.

What does intersect mean in math terms?

Depends on which intersect you are talking about. I am going to assume you mean where a line intersects the axis in a two dimensional plane. An intersect is the point on the x or y axis where a line crosses it.

What does length mean in math?

What does length mean in math

What does mean 3D?

It mean 3 dimensional