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what does quotdent mean

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Q: What does dividend mean?
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Related questions

What does divisor and dividend mean in math?

Divisor and dividend are two very related math terms

What does dividend in math mean?

In the sentence 8 divided by 4 equals 2, 8 is the dividend.

What is dividem?

i think you mean dividend

What does dividend dynamics mean?

what causes a company's dividend rise faster than it's own profits dictate.

What is dividend 27 by 3?

Assuming dividend should mean divided ... 9 = 27/3

What does dividend suspended mean in the share market?


What does the word dividend mean in math?

it means the number you are dividing

What is the dividend of ninety seven by sixty?

The dividend is 97.The dividend is 97.The dividend is 97.The dividend is 97.

What is the journal of Dividend Income?

If dividend income received: Debit Cash / bank Credit Dividend income If dividend income receivable: Debit Dividend income receivable Credit Dividend income

In math what does dividend mean?

the number thats divided by another number

What does it mean when you represent the remainder?

It means that the divisor does not go into the dividend evenly.

How do you record declared cash dividend?

A declared cash dividend is recorded by debiting the dividend account and crediting the dividend payable account.

How do you calculate the dividend growth rate?

(current month's dividend - last month's dividend) / last month's dividend using dividend per share amount

What does declare a dividend mean?

Declaring a dividend is a corporate action taken by the board of directors of a company. Usually this is done once or twice a year when the company's financial results are declared and the company has made handsome profits/revenues. Dividend is usually declared as a % of the face value of a share. A 100% dividend on a Rs. 1/- face value share represents a dividend of Rs. 1/- similarly a 100% dividend on a Rs. 10/- face value share represents a dividend of Rs. 10/- Ex: You hold 1000 shares of XYZ limited with a face value of Rs. 5/- the company has declared a 50% dividend. Then you would receive Rs. 2,500/- as dividend.

What does the math term dividend mean?

an amount of money a company earns or its funds

What is 98 dividend by 7?


What payments will you receive if you buy the stock and plan to hold it for three years at 1 per share dividend yesterday and expect the dividend to grow steadily at a rate of 4 percent per year?

I assume you mean 1% dividend. For the first year, each quarter you will receive one quarter of one percent, or 0.25%. The second year, well, that depends on what you mean. Do you mean an absolute growth of 4%, or 4% of the dividend? If it is the later, you will receive 1.25% per quarter. If it is the former, you will receive 0.26% per quarter. For the third year the same question applies: absolute or relative? For absolute, you will receive 2.25% per quarter. For relative, you will receive 0.27% per quarter. Whichever is the case, multiply the percentage by the stock price to determine what the dividend. You will receive that every quarter for the three years. If you hold it for three years, and then sell, you may get the final dividend. Assuming that the company pays the dividend on the exact business day (or sooner)three years later, you will be holder of record before the ex-dividend date, and you will get the final dividend.

What is interium dividend?

Interim Dividend: Companies can pay dividend at the end of financial year which is called final dividend but sometimes companies declare two dividends one in the middle of the financial years that dividend is called interim dividend and then one at the end of the financial year which is called final dividend.

What does it mean for a divisor to divide evenly into a dividend?

It means that there is no remainder in the problem. For example 9/3=3. The nine is the dividend, and the first three is the divisor. There was no remainder, so it divided evenly.

What is relative dividend yield?

Relative Dividend Yield is dividend yield of a stock compared the dividend yield of the S&P 500

What is a factor dividend?

Dividend factor = Net earned income / dividend earning shares

What is a dividend factor?

Dividend factor = Net earned income / dividend earning shares

What does dividend meen?

A dividend is a no. which is divided

Does a dividend reduce profit?

Dividend does not reduce profit.

Dividend what does it mean?

In the equation, it's the answer inside the "box". The divisor is the number outside the "box".