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Q: The Divisor is 6 the quoitent is 3 What is the dividend?
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Is 6 a divisor 18?

18 divideby 6 = 3

What is the answer called of deviding two numbers?

Take for example, a sum, 12 / 6 = 2.The answer to the sum is called the quotient. 12 and 6, respectively, are called the dividend and the divisor.

What is the greatest common divisor of 6 and 4?

The Greatest Common Divisor of 6, 4 is 2.

What are the greatest common factor of 6and9?

Greatest Common Divisor (GCD) for 6 9 is 3

What is the greatest common divisor of 3 and 2?

There is none. A common divisor is a number which can be used to divide your quantities with , and finish up with a Whole Number with both of them . EXAMPLE Take the numbers, 6 and 15 The only number which you can divide BOTH of them with, and get a whole number as an answer, is the number 3 This number is called the Common Divisor. Let me do it for you: 6 divided by 3 equals 2. And 15 divided by 3 is 5. How do you find out what the common divisor is ? Answer. Break both the numbers into all the prime number 'factors'. E.g. Factors of 6 are 3 x 2. Factors of 15 are 3 x 5. Now you use the factors which are contained in BOTH of them. They BOTH contain only the number 3 as their COMMON factor. This number 3 is the Common Divisor. Now you can see why (your question ) 3 and 8 do not have any common divisor because the factors of 8 equal 2 x 2 x 2 and the factors of 3 is only 3. They have NOTHING in common , so they have no common divisor. MORE: The number 1 is a comon divisor or common factor, but we ignore that because everyone knows that 1 is a common factor in every number you can think of.

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If the divisor is six and the qoutient is three then what is the dividend?

The dividend is 18 because 18/6 = 3

Parts of division?

Quotient = Dividend / Divisor Quotient is the answer to the equation (3 = 6 / 2, the quotient is 3). Dividend is what you are dividing (3 = 6 / 2, the dividend is 6). Divior is what you are dividing by (3 = 6 / 2, the divisor is 2). If division equation is changed to 3 = 7 / 2, we have a remainder of 1 left from the dividend.

What is a divisor and a dividend?

Divisor-A divisor is a number divided by another number.Ex: 6 divided by 3=2Dividend- A dividend is the number that another number is being divided by.Ex: 8 divided by 2=4

What is the quotient of 6 and 3?

The quotient of 6 and 3 is 2. 6 (the dividend) divided by 3 (the divisor) equals 2 (the quotient). 6/3=2.

The divisor is 7the quotient 9 and remainder 6what is the dividend?

If the divisor is 7, the quotient is 9, and the remainder is 6, then the dividend must be 69.

The quotient is 6. the divisor is 4.What is the dividend?

It is 24/4 = 6

Which would be a divisor 0.15 or 0.12?

Being a divisor isn't an inherent property of a number. Rather, whether or not a number serves as a divisor depends on how a fraction is formulated. For example, in the fraction 18/6, 18 is the dividend, or the number being divided, 6 is the divisor, or the number the dividend is being divided by, and 3 is the quotient, or the result of the division.

How do you find the compatible of a division problem?

I think that you are thinking of the quotient, which is the answer when you divide the two numbers, called the dividend and the divisor. Example: 6 divided by 3 equals 2. The dividend is 6. The divisor is 3. The quotient is 2. Think, how many 3's does it take to make a 6? The answer, called the quotient, is 2. It takes 2 3's to make a 6.

Which number in a division problem is the divisor?

The second number. Say, if you had 6 divided by 2, then 2 in the divisor and 6 is the dividend.

The divisor is 6 the quotient is 29 and the remainder is 4 what is the dividend?

4 and 1/6

What is the dividend of 6 and the divisor of 6?

Any number divided by itself results in '1'.

If you have 18 erasers and use 3 erasers each month. how many months will your eraser last identify the quotient dividendand divisor.?

Divide 18 by 3 The dividend is 18 The divisor is 3 The answer is the quotient