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8 x 8 = 64

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Q: What does eight times eight equal with squared number?
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Related questions

A number is x squared plus forty four is equal to the number x to the fourth power times three?

A number is x squared plus forty four is equal to the number x to the fourth power times three?

What does x squared equal?

x squared means x times x. Since x can be any number, x times x can also be any number.

What number is equal to 121 when it is squared?

It is: 11 times 11 = 121

What is 3 times the square root of 8 times the square root of eight?

24, because the square root of eight times the square root of eight, is eight. the square root of any number, squared, is the original number. then 8 times 3 is 24

What is 36 squared times 24 squared?

36 squared times 24 squared is equal to 746,496.

Is 78 a squared number?

No because 78 times 78 doesnt equal 78

Does a squared times x squared equal ax squared?


What is x squared times x cubed?

X^5. When you multiply two of the same variables to a certain power, you simply have to add the powers together. So a number squared (2) times a number cubed (3) would equal a number to the fifth.

What is 289 squared 289 squared?

289 squared times 289 squared is equal to 6,975,757,441.

What is 37.5 times 20 squared?

37.5 times 20 squared is equal to 15,000.

3 squared times 216?

3 squared times 216 is equal to 1,944.

What does what times what equal?

What squared

What is Pi times r squared if r is sixty eight?

that is 14,519.4 squared

What is 3 squared times 7 squared times 8 as a composite number?

3 squared = 97 squared = 49Therefore, the sum is 9 x 49 x 8.This is equal to 3528.

What is seven squared times two cube?

Seven squared times two cubed is equal to 392.

What is 3.14 times eight squared?


What is the number of 8 times the square of a nonzero number is equal to 96 times the number?

let n = number; then 8n squared = 96n and thus 8n = 96 and n = 12

What is 3.14 times 7 squared?

3.14 times 7 squared is equal to 153.86

Why does x times x equal x squared?

Yes, x times x equals x squared.

What does 3 squared times 5 squared equal?

3 squared is 9, 5 squared is 25. So the product is 225.

What is five times a number x squared?

We can't be sure from a reading of the question.The question could be saying " ... five times [ (a number X) squared ] ...",or it could be saying " ... (five times a number X) squared ...' .In the first case, it's [ 5x2 ] .In the second case, it's [ (5x)2 ] which is equal to [ 25 x2 ].

What number times itself equals 849?

No integer squared is equal to 849, but the square root of 849 is 29.138 (5sf)

What is The sum of eight times a number and 1 is equal to seven times the number.?

Let the number be x and so if 8x +1 = 7x then x = -1

What is a squared number in math?

A squared number is the product of an integer times itself. So, 16 is a squared number. 4 * 4 = 16.

What is the area of the circle if the radius is 5?

The area of a circle is equal to pi times the radius squared. So in your case it would be 5 squared, (25) times pi which is equal to ~78.5