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It means that two sides that come together at one point are both the same length.

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no. Not necessarily. A rhombus is a parallelogram with equal adjacent sides. Gererally, though they will be unequal.

A square has all sides congruent so therefore adjacent sides are congruent or equal.Yes and it has 4 equal angles of 90 degrees

No. The two pairs of OPPOSITE sides are equal.

yeah it means sides that are next to each other....

A kite, a rhombus, a square must have two pairs of adjacent sides that are equal. Irregular polygon with 5 or more sides can have two pairs of equal sides.

Adjacent sides meet at a corner, forming an angle. A parallelogram has two sets of parallel sides, hence, it also has two sets of lines having equal length.

A rhombus has 4 equal sides but no corner right angles

Any regular polygon. And some irregular polygons which will have some adjacent sides equal - for example, a kite or an arrowhead (chevron).

Yes. Two adjacent sides are equal; the other two sides are also equal between themselves.

Any regular polygon, any irregular polygon with two adjacent sides equal such as an isosceles triangle, a rhombus, kite, arrowhead, a trapezium hose base is equal to one of the slanted sides.

Not necessarily. The two sides of equal length could be adjacent sides.

No, a rectangle has opposite side which are equal in length.

Parallelograms (if the equal sides are opposite one another) or kites (if they are adjacent).

Rhombus = 4 equal sides Rectangle = 4 equal angles Square = 4 equal sides and 4 equal angles Rhomboid = unequal adjacent sides and angles

When two adjacent sides are equal (congruent).

Adjacent sides are also equal.

The adjacent sides of very few quadrilaterals are equal. This is most common in the square and the rhombus, but does not often happen in quadrilaterals such as the kite, the delta, the rectangle or the trapezium.

it has got two pairs of adjacent sides of equal length and one pair of equal sides

Any regular polygon with an odd number of sides.

It is a kite, where the equal sides are adjacent to, not opposite, one another.

In a parallelogram the opposite sides are equal in length. In a kite two pairs of adjacent sides are equal in length.

-- Opposite sides are parallel. -- Opposite sides are equal. -- All four sides are equal. -- Adjacent sides are equal. -- Adjacent angles are supplementary. -- Opposite angles are equal. -- Diagonals are perpendicular. -- Interior angles sum to two straight angles. -- Exterior angles sum to two straight angles.

No it does not. Hope this helped. A little :D

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