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No, a rectangle has opposite side which are equal in length.

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Q: Does a rectangle has adjacent sides equal?
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Does a rectangle have adjacent sides equal?

sure why not

Does rectangle have adjacent sides equal?

No but a square does

Rectangle with a pair of adjacent sides equal?


Why is the square is a special rectangle?

A square is a rectangle whose adjacent sides are equal.

What makes rectangle a square?

Adjacent sides are also equal.

What is a quadrilateral with two pairs of adjacent equal sides?


Information about adjacent sides of a rectangle.?

Adjacent sides of a rectangle are perpendicular.

Are diagonals of equal length in a parallelogram and rectangle?

the diagonal in a paralleogram is not equal but the diagonals in the rectangle are congruent this is because the opposite sides of a parallelogram and rectangle are same parallel to each other but the adjacent sides of a parallelogram is not perpendicular where as the adjacent sides of rectangle is perpendicular to each other.

Is a square a rectangle and is a rectangle a square?

A square is a rectangle, but a rectangle isn't necessarily a square. A square can be thought of as a "special" rectangle, where all sides are equal. The similarity is that all rectangles have 4 angles each of 90o However a Square has 4 sides equal length while a Rectangle has 4 sides with opposite sides of equal length. The clever observer will note that the adjacent sides of a square are equal while the adjacent sides of a rectangle may or may not be equal. yes it is

What are adjacent sides of a rectangle?

adjacent sides of a rectangle are the sides that are next to each other. :D

Does a rectangle have 2 pairs of equal adjacent sides?

Yes unless a specific sort of Rectangle !

What adjacent sides are not equal has 2 pairs of congruent sides andhas 4 right angles?

A rectangle

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