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It means 1/f .

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Q: What does f to the negative first power mean?
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How do you find the power of lenses using focal lengths?

Power (F)= 1/focal length (f) focal length f, is measured in meters the power, F, is in dioptres (D) In converging or convex lenses the power is positive In diverging or concave lenses, the power is negative :)

What does a negative f statistic mean?

the populations have an excess of heterozygotes

What is the first derivative used for?

The first derivative f'(x) gives the instantaneous slope of f(x). If f'(x) is positive, then f(x) is increasing (positive slope), and if f'(x) is negative, then f(x) is decreasing (negative slope). If f'(x) = 0, then the graph of f(x) is flat at the point (slope = 0).

Can the F distribution be negative?

The F distribution can't be negative.

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It you mean -273°F the the answer is -169°C.

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What is the first derivative of the quantity 1 plus x negative squared?

!f you mean d/dx (1 + x-2) = -2x-3 If you mean d/dx (1 + x)-2 = -2(1 + x)-3

What does O T T F F mean?

OTTFF stands for the first five numbers.OneTwoThreeFourFive

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You have to know what x and y equals first!

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It doesn't mean anything. They ripped it off from the band Negative FX. NOFX means No F*cking Straightedge

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The F-16 can pull up to 9 G's, but that doesn't mean the pilot won't black out under negative G's