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15% + 25% = 40%

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Q: What does fifteen percent and twenty five percent make when you add them?
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How Can you make twenty five cents with fifteen coins how?

You can't

A barrel of rain water weighs twenty what would you add to make it fifteen?

I would add -5

How do you make five dollars using us coins but not using nickels?

Twenty quarters will make five dollars. Fifty dimes will make five dollars. Five hundred pennies will make five dollars. Twenty dimes and twelve quarters will make five dollars. Of course, there are millions of combinations that you could use with US coins, excluding nickels, to make five dollars.

How many combinations of coins can make 31 cents?

13 combinationsOne Quarter.Twenty Five Pennies.Five Nickels.One Dime, three Nickels.One Nickel, two Dimes.One Nickel, twenty Pennies.One Dime, fifteen Pennies.Two Nickels, fifteen Pennies.Two Dimes, five Pennies.One Dime, two Nickels, five Pennies.Four Nickels, five Pennies.One Nickel, one Dime, ten Pennies.Three Nickels, ten pennies

How can a person make at least fifteen dollars in twenty one days when they don't have a job?

Sell your blood (plasma)

What amount of each mixture one is ninety five percent alcohol and the other fifteen percent alcohol must be used to make ten liters of a mixture which is forty five percent alcohol whats the equation?

.95*(first alcohol(l)) + .15*(second alcohol(l))=.45(10) 1st+2nd=10l

What are the change combinations to make twenty cents?

Twenty pennies Fifteen pennies, one nickel Ten pennies, two nickels Ten pennies, one dime Four nickles Three nickels, five pennies Two nickles, one dime Two dimes One dime, one nickel, five pennies

When You buy a rare stamp for fifteen dollars sell it for twenty dollars buy it back for twenty five dollars and finally sell it for thirty dollars how much money did you make or lose?

$10 -15+20=5-25=-20+30=10

What are the different ways to make fifteen cents?

Fifteen pennies, ten pennies and a nickel, five pennies and two nickels, five pennies and a dime, three nickels, one nickels and a dime

How many quarters make five dollars?

Twenty of them.

Who was practicing basketball with her younger sisterher younger sister made three free throws out of twenty-five that she triedwhat percent of free throws did the younger sister make?

the answer is 12 %

How do you make 25 dollars?

Ten plus ten plus five equals twenty five dollars

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