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figure math means figure math

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Q: What does figure math mean?
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What does figure mean in math term?

The average of a set of numbers

What does identify property mean in math?

it means to figure out what kind of property it is

What does parllelogram mean in math?

a parellelogram in math is a 4-sided figure that the top and bottom sides are parelell and the sides are parelell.

What does shape mean in math or in geometry?

It means the outline of a 2 dimensional figure

What does it mean to Evaluate a math expression?

evaluate means to figure out the value of something

What math can you figure out which Latin words mean many?

multiply, multiplication, multiple

What does cube mean in math terms?

A cube is a shape or figure in math and it has 6 faces also it always is a square.

What doespent mean in math?

That's a prefix for 5. A pentagon is a five-sided figure.

How do you figure your math mean?

You add up all the numbers and devide by the amount of numbers

What math terms can help you figure out which Latin words mean many and one?


What does m in math for a variable?

You have to figure that out! Variables, in math, are there because you need to find them and figure the problem out. Usually, on the side it tells you what the variables mean, or you have to find that variable by making the equation make sense if they give u the answer.

What does transformation mean in math?

A transformation is when a figure moves across the x or y axis on a grid.

What does the word construct mean in math terms?

To construct a geometrical figure (such as a triangle) is to use a precisely defined mathematical technique to draw a specific figure.

What does face mean in math?

A face would be considered one flat side of a solid geometric figure.

What does biased mean math form?

It means something figure it by yourself and if you cant just guess stupid

What does cone mean in math terms?

in math terms cone means a 3 dimensional figure that is round on the tpo and has a flat bottom, like an ice cream cone.

What does faces mean in math terms?

Faces are a term used in Geometry to describe a side on a three-dimensional figure

What does figure in math mean?

your momma so fat that she thought 2 big macs in each hand was a diet!

What is open figure in math?


What do you do to figure out math problems?

You study.

What math figure are you?

the swagful one

What is set and subsets in math?

figure it out

What does estimated mean?

The definition of the word estimated is to guess or roughly calculate a figure or value. This is commonly used in math problems.

Math for 4th?

Do you mean 4th? because it is impossible to figure out 4xtxh without a solution, an even then, it is impossible without substitution.

What does polygram mean?

A PolyGram is a figure that consists of many stripes. These stripes are known as lines, and polygraphs are used in math and technology.