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6/9 or 2/3

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Q: What does four ninths plus two ninths equal?
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What is four and four ninths plus one and two ninths?


What does two thirds minus four ninths equal to?

two ninths

What does five ninths plus two thirds equal?

One and two ninths

What is two ninths plus four sixths?

It is eight ninths.

What is two ninths plus one third?

Four ninths

What is two eighteenths plus one third?

Four ninths.

What is three and four ninths plus four and two thirds?

8 and 1/9.

What is forty-five and one third divided by four and two ninths equal?

In lowest terms, forty-five and one third divided by four and two ninths equal = 204/19 or 1014/19

What does two and two ninths plus four and one sixth equal?

It is: 115/18 or 6 and 7/18

Two thirds minus four ninths?

Two thirds is six ninths; six ninths minus four ninths is two ninths.

How is two plus two equal four?

two plus two just does equal four.

What is two ninths of twenty?

Four and four-ninths