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Four ninths

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Q: What is two ninths plus one third?
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What is one third plus two ninths plus five ninths?

1 1/9th

What is one third plus two ninths?

5 ninths

What is two eighteenths plus one third?

Four ninths.

What is two third plus one ninth?

That would be seven ninths.

What does one third plus two ninths equals?


What is one third added to two ninths?

five ninths

What is seven and one third divided by two ninths?

Seven and one third divided by two ninths = 33/1 or 33

What is 2 and one third plus 3 and two thirds plus 4 and six ninths is equal to?

10 and 2/3.

What does five ninths plus two thirds equal?

One and two ninths

What is four and four ninths plus one and two ninths?


What is the LCD of one-third and two-ninths?


Is two ninths bigger than one third?