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What does four over nine plus one over six equal?

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When does nine plus four equal ONE?

Nine plus four equals thirteen and that's ONE baker's dozen.

What is six plus four divided by eight times nine minus four?

Six plus four divided by eight times nine minus four is equal to 6.5

When is four plus four equal to nine?

Only if you make some non-standard assumptions.

What does nine plus nine equal?

eighteen is the answer to nine plus nine

What is nine thousand plus twohundred thousand fourhundred and ninetyfour equal?

answer is two lakh nine thousand four hundred ninety four only.

What is five over twelve plus four over nine?

31/36 or 31 over 36

What is four plus four plus four plus four plus four equal?


What is nine over ten plus seven over ten equal in simplest from?

1 3/5

How can you make 100 out of four 9s?

99 9/9 ninety nine plus nine over nine equals 100

What is four fifths plus one sixth?

Four fifths plus one sixth I believe equals twenty-nine over 30

What is the answer to two over three plus four over six?

it equals six over nine or two over three

What is three over negative twelve plus nine equal to?

8 and 3/4

What does 5 over 2 plus 3 over 2 equal?

5 over 2 plus 3 over 2 = four (4).

What is nine and a half plus nine and a half plus four?

It is 23.

What does Six over seven plus four equal?

3 1/7

What is nine hundred plus four million?

four million nine hundred

How is two plus two equal four?

two plus two just does equal four.

What is two plus four?

Two plus Four equals SIX not Nine!!!!!!!

What is five over four plus seven over nine?

5/4 + 7/9 = 2 1/36

What is nine plus four?


A over four plus nine equals five?

That is written as A/(4+9) = 5. The first step would be to multiply both sides by the denominator, which is 13 (when you add four plus nine). You will then come up with A=65, which is the final answer.

What is the sum of ten over fifty four plus forty nine over fifty four?

10/54 + 49/54 = 1 whole and 5/54 :-)

what does eight plus one equal?


What is 6 times nine plus two?

6 times nine plus two is equal to 56.

Does negative nine plus two equal two plus negative nine?

N-o no it doesn't