What does g m2 mean?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Q: What does g m2 mean?
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Which one of these is NOT an SI unit for density. kg over m3 g over cm3 g over mL or g over m2. Explain your answer?

g/m2 can't be a unit of density.'m2' is not a unit of volume.

What happens to the gravitational force when the distance between the 2 objects is trippled?

The force, written as an equation, is:F = G (m1)(m2) / r2, whereF is the Force between the massesG is the gravitational constant (~= 6.674 x 10-11 N m2/kg2)m1 is one of the massesm2 is the other massr is the distance between the masses (center to center)Take the formula, and solve for r (I'll show the steps): Fold = G (m1)(m2) / r2.(r2)(Fold)= G (m1)(m2)(r2)= G (m1)(m2) / (Fold)r= √ [ G (m1)(m2) / (Fold) ]Plug the formula into itself, but remember, r = 3r (it tripled).Fnew= G (m1)(m2) / (3r)2.Fnew= G (m1)(m2) /(3√ [ G (m1)(m2) / (Fold) ])2.Fnew=G (m1)(m2)/(32G (m1)(m2) / (Fold) )

What is the weight of nylon fabric?

85 g / m2

What is the value of 'g' on Pluto?

.664 m2/s2

What is the unit of zinc coating measurement?

the unit is : g/m2

What tells how strong the force of gravity will be between two things?

The equation for calculating it would be g = G (m1) (m2) / (radius or distance ^2) where g = gravitational attraction, G is constant of universal gravitation, and m1 and m2 are the masses of the two objects

what does law of universal gravitational?

What is?? F = G m1 m2 / d2

What does the universal law of gravitation?

What is?? F = G m1 m2 / d2

What is the gravitational Force formula?

The force between two massess m1 and m2 is given by F = G m1 m2 / r^2 G is gravitational constant. r is the distance between the masses.

Factors that affect gravity between objects?

The force of gravity is F=G*m1*m2/r^2 G is the universal gravitation constant 6.67*10^-11 m^3kg^-1s^-2 m1, m2 are the masses of the two objects, r is the separation. The force on m1 acts in the direction of m2, and the force on m2 acts in the direction of m1.

What is answer to page 56 in basics of keyboard theory level 6?

g minor harmonic given had an error D major 5 first inversion G minor i D major 5 given M3 p4 M2 M2 m3 p8 Half Cadence Your welcome. (=

How does distance effect gravitational force?