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The place value columns after the decimal point, starting form the one immediately to the right of the decimal point and going right, are: tenths, hundredths, thousandths, ... thus as the 2 is in the third place value column after the decimal point, it is in the thousandths column and represents two-thousandths (2/1000).

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Q: What does is the two represent 0.102 hundredths thousandths or ones?
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Convert 9 thousandths 5 hundredths 8 ones 6ten-thousandths 4 tenths in decimal?

convert9 thousandths, 5 hundredths, 8 ones, 6ten-thousandths, 4 tenths in decimal

Is there a ones place in a decimal?

No there is not a ones place in a decimal. It's tenths, hundredths, thousandths, ten thousandths, etc.

What 5 numbers is less than one thousandths?

tenths, twenthies,hundredths, two hundredths, ones

What are the names of the four values in 0.604?

ones tens hundredths thousandths

How do you write 5 thousandths 5 hundredths 9 ones 6 ten-thousandths 7 tenths?

It is 9.7556

What is the value of the number 8.471 in the hundredths place?

The hundredth place of 8.471 is 7. 8 <-- Ones . 4 <-- Tenths 7 <-- Hundredths 1 <-- Thousandths

How do you break down in word form 281.1025 by hundredths thousandths tens ones and ten thousandths?

Two hundred eighty-one and one thousand, twenty-five ten-thousandths.

Round 12.3456789 to the ten thousandths place?

Let's count!12.3456789↑ tens place.12.3456789↑ ones place12.3456789↑ tenths place12.3456789↑ hundredths place12.3456789↑ thousandths place12.3456789↑ ten-thousandths palce!Rounded, it's 12.3457 :D

Write 0.505 in word form?

0.505 = zero ones and five tenths and zero hundredths and five thousandths

What is 6.325 iin short word form?

Six ones and three tenths, two hundredths, five thousandths

What number has 5 in the hundredths place 2 in the ones place 9 in the tenths place 9 in the thousandths place?


What is a number with 8 in iths thousandths place 5 in its ones place 0 in its hundredths place and 4 in its tenths?


How do you write in number three thousandths?

3/1000 0.003 ^--------- ones --^------- tenths ----^----- hundredths ------^--- thousandths

Where is the thousandths place in 665.379?

Number 9 6 6 7 . 3 7 9 hundreds tens ones tenths hundredths thousandths

What is the place value of 7 in 367.361?

Ones's 3 hundred, 6 tens, 7 ones AND 3 tenths, 6 hundredths, and 1 thousandths....

What is the place value for 2 in 0.0002?

two ten thousandths... (ones) . (tenths) (hundredths) (thousandths) (ten thousandths) ...

How do you write 66 tens 18 ones 9 hundredths in decimal?

See the table is here::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::; Hundreds :::::::Tens:::::::::Ones:::::::::Tenths::::::::hundredths:::::::thousandths You write it as : 678.09 You multiply the 66 by ten and 18 by One and 9 is divided by 100. Then all are added up.

What is the value of the underline digit in75.046?

From the left: 7 tens, 5 ones, zero tenths, 4 hundredths, 6 thousandths

What is 148 thousandths plus 7 ones and 13 thousandths?

148 thousandths plus 7 ones and 13 thousandths is 7 ones and 161 thousandths.

How are fractions and decimals alike?

1/10 = 0.1ten thousand/ thousand/hundred/tens/ones/.tenths/hundredths/ thousandths/ten thousandths

How do you write 47.034 in expanded form?

4 tens and 7 ones and zero tenths and 3 one hundredths and 4 one thousandths.

What digit is in the tenth column of 65.9?

The 9 is in the tenths column. Remember it's Hundreds, Tens, Ones, decimal, Tenths, Hundredths, Thousandths.

The 9 in 4.59 stands for 9 ones?

Since it is a decimal, the 9 stands for tenths, the 5 stands for hundredths, and the 4 stands for ones. Going to the right -> behind the decimal point is tenths, hundredths, thousandths, and so one (there is no such thing as ones here). Going to the left <- in front of the decimal point is where ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, and so on begins.

What does Place value means?

the value of the place that a digit occupies in a numeral in relation to the decimal point. Examples: Ones, Tens, Hundreds, Tenths, Hundredths, Thousandths.... Each column where a number sits has a place value. In the number 125 the 1 is in the hundreds place value, the 2 is in the tens place value and the 5 is in the ones place value. More complex numbers use place values to the right of the decimal point, for example, 13.456, in this number the 1 is the in the tens, the 3 is in the ones, the 4 is in the tenths, the 5 is in the hundredths, the 6 is in the thousandths. Remember it goes in succession but don't get confused with the right side of the decimal there is no "oneths". The place values go in succession like this but are not limited to this example. Thousands, Hundreds, Tens, Ones (Decimal) Tenths, Hundredths, Thousandths, Ten Thousandths

How many hundreds in 564?

Hundreds tens ones decimal point tenths hundredths thousandths564.000Therefore there are no hundredths in the question above.