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It means that if you replace one variable with one of the numbers, and the other variable with the other numbers, and then evaluate the expressions on each side of the equations, the equalities will be true.

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Q: What does it mean for a coordinate pair to be a solution to a system of equations?
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What does it mean to be a solution to a system of equations?

basically it means an answer for a multiplication problem

What does a single solution to a system of equations mean?

It represents the point of intersection on a graph.

What does it mean both algebraically and graphically when an ordered pair is a solution to a system of two linear equations?

If an ordered pair is a solution to a system of linear equations, then algebraically it returns the same values when substituted appropriately into the x and y variables in each equation. For a very basic example: (0,0) satisfies the linear system of equations given by y=x and y=-2x By substituting in x=0 into both equations, the following is obtained: y=(0) and y=-2(0)=0 x=0 returns y=0 for both equations, which satisfies the ordered pair (0,0). This means that if an ordered pair is a solution to a system of equations, the x of that ordered pair returns the same y for all equations in the system. Graphically, this means that all equations in the system intersect at that point. This makes sense because an x value returns the same y value at that ordered pair, meaning all equations would have the same value at the x-coordinate of the ordered pair. The ordered pair specifies an intersection point of the equations.

If the solution to a system of equations is 2 equals 0 what does that mean?

That means there is no solution.There is no set of numbers that you can assign to the variables in the system of equationsthat will make '2' equal to '0'.

What does it mean when a system of nonlinear equations has an extraneous solution?

It means you performed an operation on the system which was not invertible. This allowed you to come to a solution but that solution is not correct since it is not a proper biconditional relations. That is, you can solve it in terms of p->q but not the reverse (since the inverse operation is not possible).

What does equivalent equation mean in math terms?

Equations that have the same solution.

What does the answer 12 equals 12 in a system of equations mean?

It probably means that one of the equations is a linear combination of the others/ To that extent, the system of equations is over-specified.

What does x-coordinate mean?

In a coordinate system, it represents the distance from the origin in the positive direction of the x-axis.

What is the solution to this system of equations 6x-3y -33 2x y -1 using substituition?

If you mean: 6x-3y = -33 and 2x+y = -1 Then solving the simultaneous equations by substitution: x = -3 and y = 5

What are some complex equations for 17?

Complex equations? Do you mean complicated equations whose solution is 17, - or equations with complex (non-real) coefficients or solutions? If you can explain, please resubmit your question.

Do equations with different slopes and different y-intercepts have a solution?

TWO linear equations with different slopes intersect in one point, regardlessof their y-intercepts. That point is the solution of the pair.However, this does not mean that three (or more) equations in two variables, even if they meet the above conditions, have a solution.

When two line graphs are crossing what does it mean?

It means that the coordinates of the point of intersection satisfy the equations of both lines. In the case of simultaneous [linear] equations, these coordinates are the solution to the equations.