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Complex equations?

Do you mean complicated equations whose solution is 17,

- or equations with complex (non-real) coefficients or solutions?

If you can explain, please resubmit your question.

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Q: What are some complex equations for 17?
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How do you make fractals?

Complex mathmatic equations.

What has the author Brian Knight written?

Brian Knight has written: 'Complex numbers and differential equations' -- subject(s): Complex Numbers, Differential equations

Who was the first person to use the complex number?

See related link. Gerolamo Cardano, an Italian mathematician, used the concept of complex numbers around 1545 to solve some equations.

How can you use math to solve complex problems?

IF they are math related, write appropriate equations and then apply math rules to solve the equations.

How did imaginary numbers impact mathematics?

Imaginary numbers are used in complex numbers that make some math simpler like electronics where there is a cycle frequency it makes the math much simpler to handle complex equations

Why was complex numbers dicovered?

To solve equations like x2+a=0 with a>0

What are the solutions of rational algebraic equations?

They can be rational, irrational or complex numbers.They can be rational, irrational or complex numbers.They can be rational, irrational or complex numbers.They can be rational, irrational or complex numbers.

What is an equation where 27 is the unknown variable?

There can be all sorts of equations for a solution such as 27. Some examples would be: x + 10 = 37 x2 = 729 x - 10 = 17 where x = 27, in all equations.

How do we apply complex number in our life?

If you've ever flown then you used complex numbers. The basic equation w=z+1/z is used to design air foils (airplane wings). While you don't actually concern yourself with these equations anymore than the thermodynamic equations that govern the running of your car's engine. Check out the related link for some interesting application of imaginary and complex numbers, though.

Whats good with equations that are too complex to use?

You're right. Math is complex, and most people get along quite nicely with simple arithmetic. But the complex equations will help solve riddles in science that cannot be solved any other way. Einstein's e=mc2 seems like a simple equation, but it is very complex in it's breakdown, and it took many years to develop. That's the way it works, first the equations, then the answer to the questions we've been puzzling about for aeons.

Why is it better to solve quadratic equations in the complex number system rather than in the real number system?

It is not always better.Although quadratic equations always have solutions in the complex system, complex solutions might not always make any sense. In such circumstances, sticking to the real number system makes more sense that trying to evaluate an impossible solution in the complex field.

What math is used in forensics?

They use many complex equations and do a lot of problem solving.