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Inventory mark

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Q: What does it mean if there is a number on a gun from the war?
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What does the serial number on gun mean?

Gun Registration...

How can you check to see it your gun was in a war?

serial number vs. a number of records

What does A B mean in the serial number?

The gun was made in 1966.

Where can you find serial number for your civil war musket?

Library, book store, gun shop, gun shows.

How does the main spring of an 1887 Winchester fit?

Winchester had a lever shot gun with this mdl number, is that the gun you mean?

What does L109563 mean on a Mossberg gun?

Looks like the serial number to me.

How can you find out if your gun was used in a war?

serial number vs. a number of records. computers can make that easier this days.

Can you look up serial number for handgun online?

It depends on what you mean. If you mean that you want to find the age of the gun based on the serial number, there are a few online sources, such as the Blue Book of Gun Values. If you mean that you want to find out if it is registered, no.

Where can serial numbers be checked on a handgun?

It depends on what you mean. If you mean is it possible to find out who purchased a handgun or if the gun is registered by the serial number, the basic answer is, no. If you mean can you find information about the gun itself by the serial number, you can sometimes find information by contacting the manufacturer.

If you have an Merkel overunder shotgun serial number 57550 you are trying to determine if this is a pre war gun?

With serialnumber 57550 the gun is made ca 1963!!

What does instrument of war mean?

"Instrument of war" usually describes some kind of weapon, a gun, a warship, a fighter plane,etc.

When did Basuto Gun War happen?

Basuto Gun War happened in 1880.

How fast does a minni gun shoot?

If you mean a mini-gun, it depends on the number of barrels, caliber, and whether it has the capability to fire at different rpms.

What does 9 mod para mean on a gun?

Could be a model number, could be a caliber.

How do you get the shark gun?

we do not no by what you mean like what shark gun do you mean do you mean the shark gun in poptropica. there is no website that will answer this question except you tell what shark gun.

Where can you find history on a gun using a serial number for a civil war gun?

first you would have to know gun maker: colt, remington, springfield then model or type (rifle, carbine, pistol) then caliber and last, serial number. next, look up forums on internet for that gun maker and go from there............

How do you find the value of a shotgun with the serial number?

Find out who the maker of the gun is and see if they can help you with the model name and number. If this is an old gun and the maker is no longer in business check with a professional appraiser. The number by itself does not mean much.

What did world war mean to be a good Canadian man?

Bringing a Portal Gun then Portalling them to another dimensions!

How much would a gun cost in war?

depends on which gun.

How can you tell how old a gun is?

The model number of the gun and make along with the serial number usually will determine the age of a gun.

Is it illegal to own a gun with no serial number?

Yes it is illegal to own a gun that does not have a serial number. It is also illegal to remove the serial number off a gun.

What does 500a L109563 mean on the gun?

It means you have a Mossberg Model 500a shotgun with the serial number L109563.

What does the serial number mean 9R35374 on a browning a5 shotgun?

It means that your gun was built in 1997 in Japan.

How do you get to marksmen challenges on call of duty world at war?

You can complete the marksmen challenges just by simpily getting a certain number of kills with that gun-there are three marksmen challenges for each gun.

What type of gun was used in the civil war?

The type of gun used in the civil war was the almost infamous MUSKET!