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To divide any number by 4. To quarter that would be 1/4 of something. All you have to do is multiply a number by 1/4 or divide by 4.

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Q: What does it mean to quarter a number?
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What does the phrase a quarter of the hour mean?

If you mean an expession such as "quarter of six," it means a quarter of an hour before six o'clock, or in other words, 5:45. A quarter of an hour is 15 minutes (1/4 of 60, the number of minutes in an hour). Two quarter-hours make half an hour.

What does a quarter of a number mean?

one fourth or 25% or .25 times or divide by 4

What does the number on the bottom of a number mean?

It is a fraction for example, if ther is a 1 with a 4 below it it means that there is one quarter of something

What numbers are in a quarter inch?

A quarter inch can, in principle, be divided into ANY number of parts. So any number can be in a quarter inch.

How many quarter notes are in a measure played in 44?

If you mean 4/4, the second or bottom 4 means quarter notes. The first or top number answers your question.

What does ET mean in drag racing?

your time (number of seconds) it took for you to reach the quarter mile

What does the proportion of 1 in 4 mean?

It means that one quarter, 0.25 or 25% of the total number of the set are in a subset

What is 1 and 1 quarter as a whole number?

1 and 1 quarter is not a whole number. The nearest whole number is 1.

What is the phone number of the Colonial Spanish Quarter And Spanish Quarter Museum in St Augustine Florida?

The phone number of the Colonial Spanish Quarter And Spanish Quarter Museum is: 904-342-2857.

If one quarter of a number is 0.8 what is the number?

1/4 / 0.8 = 3.2 Therefore, the number that 0.8 is one quarter of is 3.2.

What is quarter million?

i think that QUARTER MILLIONis the same number as 250,000

How do you write a quarter in dimensions?

A quarter is a pure number and so has no dimensions.