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This is called relative humidity. It is the ratio between the actual humidity, and the humidity for saturated air - that is, the maximum amount of water air can hold. This saturation point is dependent on temperature.

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Q: What does it mean when humidity is 100 percent?
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Related questions

What does it mean when relative humidity is 100 percent?

It is raining

Would the average relative humidity on a rainy day be closer to 100 percent humidity or 50 percent humidity?


Is the humidity 50 percent or 100 percent on a rainy day?

There is no exact answer, the humidity can be anywhere between 0-100

What does saturating mean?

In Meteorology: a condition in the atmosphere corresponding to 100 percent relative humidity.

What does 80 percent effaced mean?

It means that only 20% of the humidity of 100% is in the air.

What heat dissipation mechanism is lost when humidity approaches 100 percent?

Sweating is no longer efficient near 100 percent humidity.

What percent change is 80 percent to 100 percent humidity?

25% increase.

What percent of humidity is on the forest floor?


Air that has a 100 percent relative humidity is said to be?


What is the humidity percent in a cheese refrigerator?

the humidity is 100% u do not put cheese in a fridge!!

What does a relative humidity of 100 percent mean?

oo thats on my science worksheet too. I can't find it anywhere. ugghh

Which type of air has a relative humidity of 100 percent?

As humid air with high relative humidity is changed such that humidity increases.(could be by many mechanism), the air becomes saturated at 100% relative humidity.

What is air at 100 percent humidity called?


What happens at 100 percent specific humidity?

It rains

Can you have 100 percent humidity without rain?


What does a relative humidity of 75 percent mean?

If the relative humidity is at 75%, the air is not holding it's maximuim amount of water vapor. If it was holding its maxumum amount it would be 100%. The formula for that is:Actual water vapor_______________ * 100 Equals the percentTotal water vapor

What is air that has 100 percent relative humidity said to be?


How big can raindrops get when the himidity is 100 percent?

when the Humidity is at 100 percent the raindrops are a little thicker then potato wedges because of condensation.

Why does relative humidity rarely reach 100 percent in polluted air conditions?

Relative humidity rarely reaches 100% humidity when air is polluted. This is do to emissions of carbon dioxide and sulfates, and is known as haze.

What type of air has a relative humidity of 100 percent?

its humid as it gets closer to 100%, then it is called saturated at 100%

Does it have to be 100 percent humidity to rain?

It does in certain parts of the atmosphere, but not at the surface.

What term refers to the temperature at which the relative humidity is 100 percent?

That would be "dewpoint"...When the air temperature falls to the dewpoint (or dewpoint rises to the air temperature), then you have 100% relative humidity.

What happens when air reaches its dew point?

relative humidity is 100 percent.

What happens when relative humidity reaches 100 percent?

A fog starts to form

What happens If relative humidity goes over 100 percent?

water vapor will condense :)