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It may be a front U-Joint, or front driveshaft/cv joint.

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Q: What does it mean when you engage 4 wheel drive on a slick road stopped and when you start out again the front end clunks?
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Why 2w drive rodeo diff clunks when turning?

i'm getting this checked out today with my mechanic also.

How do you engage the 4 wheel drive on a 1993 jeep Cherokee?

if you have to ask this then I would have to guess that your Cherokee is NOT a 4wd model...otherwise the 4wd SHIFTER right beside the regular shifter would be a very obvious clueon how to do this. If what you mean is exactly how and "when can you" then you can engage 4hi at any time moving or stopped but to engage 4low you need to be stopped completely and in neutral. same answers for going back to 2wd.

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How do you engage four wheel drive on 1995 Chevy S-10?How do you engage four wheel drive on 1995 Chevy S-10?

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My f150 shifts from 2wheel to 4wheel on the fly, but to use 4low you need to be stopped with your transmission in neutral to engage the low range in my transfer case.

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when i try to engage the wheel wheel drive it grinds i have my truck in neutral what could be the problem what am i doing wrong

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A good sign is when you stick it in drive or reverse and you have your foot on the brake but it still clunks when it kicks into gear

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Fix the drive belt.

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Automatic trans require the vehicle to be stopped (due to no sync gear in trans). Pulle 4wd lever to selected 4wd speed and as you start to move. 4wd will engage.

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It depends on the type of data loss. If the hard drive has stopped spinning there is no way to save it. However in some cases data and the drive can be saved. Do realize though that your data is rarely guaranteed.

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NO !

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take it to the shop!