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Q: What does list five different times in which the minutes before are the same as the minutes after the hour mean?
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What is eight minutes before one hour and five minute?

57 minutes.

How many times does a monkeys heart beat in five minutes?

500 times

How many min are five hours?

300 minutes. 60 minutes in an hour times five hours so: 60 minutes x 5 hours = 300 minutes

If he ejaculated five minutes before he penetrated you can you get pregnant?


How many minutes in five hours?

300 minutes (multiply 60 min. times 5 hours)

27 minutes before 7 o'clock is 33 minutes past five?

No, it would be 6:33.

What is forty five minutes before seven thirty?


If you jump three times every minute for twenty five days how many minutes is that?

That's 18,000 minutes and you would have jumped 54,000 times

When was Different Times - Five O'Clock Heroes album - created?

Different Times - Five O'Clock Heroes album - was created on 2011-02-15.

What is the name of the game where a bunch of friends pile into different cars and try to find another friend who drove away five minutes before?

A poorly constructed caravan

What is the time 55 minutes before 519 pm?

An hour before is 4:19 pm. Five minutes less than that is 4:24 pm.

How many minutes in 5 weeks?

There is 50400 minutes in five weeks. Working out: In one hour there is 60 minutes. In one day there is 1440 mins if you times 60 by 24. In one week there is 10080 mins if you times 1440 by 7. In five weeks there is 50400 mins if you times 10080 by 5. I hope this helped you out. :)