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You have to figure that out! Variables, in math, are there because you need to find them and figure the problem out. Usually, on the side it tells you what the variables mean, or you have to find that variable by making the equation make sense if they give u the answer.

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Q: What does m in math for a variable?
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What does m mean in math?

It is a letter which may be used to represent a variable. You can decide what it stands for.

What is a variable in math?

What is a Variable in Math?A variable in math is part of algebra and it is a symbol or letter that represents a number.

What would be an example of a variable?

If you are talking about math wise then an example of a variable would be any letter in the alphabet. For example in the expression "x-3m" m and x are variables.

What would be an example of what of variable?

If you are talking about math wise then an example of a variable would be any letter in the alphabet. For example in the expression "x-3m" m and x are variables.

What is a variable expression in math?

a variable expression in math is a symbol that is in a sentence

What is the math term VEST?

variable equation solve it test it

Variable alone math?

A variable alone in math, as in 3y2 x n3 = 3y2n3 means to manipulate the lone variable by the factors afecting it.

What is m3 in math?

m3 can mean m x 3 i do not know what m stands for. Most likely mass or motion. It depends on the given information. When a variable(a letter) is next to a number, that means you multiply them.

Independent variable and dependent variable?

Math: Independent variable is what you change. Dependent variable is what you measure.

What is a consonant in math?

a number before a variable

What is the math definition of variable?

A variable is an unknown number represented by a letter

In math what is an interval?

a variable

Does a math term have to have a variable?


What does a variable represent in math?

any number at all

What is variable declaration?

A variable declaration is a math or programming term. A variable is an unnamed component. In the problem the wording will declare what the value of the variable is.

What does C mean in math?

The speed of light. in free space its 299,792,458 m/sUsually the speed of light, but it could just be a variable like "x".

What is the term in math for independent variable?

There is no term other than independent variable.

What does a variable stand for in math?

A variable is a very important thing when you are doing an experiment. These are things that have an effect on the experiment. There are three categories of variables in math:The controlled variable: variable the never changesThe manipulated variable: variable that does changeThe responding variable: the result of the experiment

What is p in math terms?

It is a variable

What is T in math terms?

a variable.

What does it mean in math if there is subscript without a variable being multiplied by a variable with subscript?


What does Variable term means in math?

A variable is a symbol that represents one or more numbers.

What does an independent variable depend on in math?

It can depend on nothing or on an variable which is outside of the scope of the study.

What is an independent variable in math?

An independent variable is a factor that doesn't rely on anything, unlike the dependent variable (which relies on the independent variable). The most common independent variable is time.

What does independent and dependent variables mean in math?

An independent variable is a variable that isn't affected by something else. A dependent variable is a variable that's affected by changes in the independent variable.