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It represents the value of the variable m.

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Q: What does m represent in a decimal number line?
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What does the roman numeral m represent in decimal?

Nothing reallyyy!

What decimal power doesd M represent?


What does the m in the straight line equation represent?


What is a m in a maths question?

1. The answer depends on how the "m" is used. 2. "m" can be used to represent meters as in "30m" 3. "m" may be used as the "milli" prefix for a metric unit of measure such as "30 mm" 4. "m" could be used to represent the slope of a line as in y = mx + b 5. "m" could be used as a generic variable in a word problem (e.g. let "m" equal the number of men and "w"= the number of women...

Why is the letter 'm' used to represent slope in the equation of a line?

Answer:"M" stood for the Modulus of slope.Origin:It is from the french word Monter

What is the relationship between the values m and n plotted on the number line?

what is the relationhip between the values m and n plotted on the number line

The point-slope equation of a line is y - y0 equals mx-x0 where m is the on the line?


Area under the velocity time graph line is 40 M. What physical quantity does this area represent?

It represent the distance covered is 40 metre.

What line of latitude does 23.5 S and 23.5 N Represent?

Tropic of Capricorn and tropic of cancer

What number does this Roman numeral represent XXXIII?


14895678 how is this number read in international decimal system?

If the measurement is in metres (m): 14.895678 Mm (megameters - 106 m)

What does m represent?

m can either represent mass or moles, depending on the context.

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