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While math is not used extensively during clinical practice, math skills are important in becoming a dental professional.

Math is used quite a bit in the study of chemistry, physics, pharmacology, and Biology, all important subjects in the practice of dentistry.

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Q: What does math have to do with dentistry?
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Is math used in dentistry?


Do you have to be really good at math to become a dentist if you are really good at science but not math?

While a strong foundation in math is beneficial for becoming a dentist, it is not necessarily a requirement. Dentistry involves a mix of biological sciences and practical skills that can be learned and honed separately from advanced math concepts. Focus on excelling in your science courses and seek additional support for any math-related challenges to succeed in pursuing dentistry.

How is math used in daily practice of dentistry?

Math is used in aligning xrays. Measuring medicine disbursement. Ratio of pain killers to body size. Depth measuring in drilling.

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