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Mean is the average.

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Q: What does mean mean in statistics?
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What does Sx2 mean in statistics?

In statistics, this is the symbol for the "Variance"

What are the importance of the mean in statistics?

the mean is important in statistics because you will find out your average and can compare that mean to other things..

What are the statistics on water-skiing?

What do you mean by statistics? Re-Ask the question.

The mean median and mode are examples of what type of statistics?

descriptive statistics

What type of statistics are mean median and mode?

They are statistics of central tendency.

What does statistics mean in math?

Statistics is the study of collecting , organizing , and interpreting data!

Do you round the mean in statistics?


Disadvantages of the mean in statistics?

the mean is affected by outliers

What is an example of descriptive statistics?

Examples of descriptive statistics are mean, median, mode, and midrange.

What is a non resistant measure in statistics?

The mean is called a non-resistant measure in statistics.

What does statistically mean?

"According to statistics."

What is differ of mean?

Probability/ Statistics

What does statistics s2 mean?

You might be talking about the A Level subject (actually, a part of the subject) "Statistics 2".

What do you mean by mean vector in statistics?

The direction in which the trend analysis points.

What does CF mean in statistics?

Cumulative Frequency

What does SP mean in statistics?

statistical parodies

What is most sensitive to outliers in statistics?


What does PF mean in rugby statistics?

Points For??

What is the abbreviation for Mean Difference in Statistics?


What is sigma in statistics?

Since this is regarding statistics I assume you mean lower case sigma (σ) which, in statistics, is the symbol used for standard deviation, and σ2 is known as the variance.

In statistics what does n equals mean?

In statistics, n is usually used to mean the number of observations or measurements which you have. So n = 7 means you have 7 observations or meadurements.


Understanding the mean in research and what it represents

What do statistics mean?

descriptive statistics-quantitavely describe the main features of a collection of data. Descriptive statistics are distinguished from inferential.Statistics(or inductive statistics),in that descriptive statistics aim to summarize a data set,rather than use the data to learn about the population that the data are thought to represent.

What does SFA mean in pitching statistics?

sac fly

What does SRS mean in statistics?

Simple Random Sample

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