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What does mm stand for in measuring?

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Q: What does mm stand for in measuring?
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What does mm stand for when reading the blood pressure?

mmHg is a unit measuring pressure. 1mmHg=133.32Pa

What does the acronym mm Hg stand for?

it's not an acronym. it means millimetres of mercury and it's for measuring pressure typically of vacuum. 760 mm Hg = 1 atmosphere

How many mm in 1 pound?

MM= milimeters, for measuring distance Pound= weight, for measuring weight Not the same thing

What does mm stand for?

In weights and measure it stands for millimetre.In Roman numerals it stands for 2,000It could also stand for Megametre, or Momme.It stands for milimeter when measuring 10mm = 1cm (centimeter)

What is an MM degree?

In mathematics an MM degree stand for a Masters of Mathematics. Lowercase mm stand for millimeters.

What does mm mean in measuring by teaspoon?

"mm " refers to millimetres and has nothing to do with teaspoons

How many cubic meters in an area measuring 135 mm wide 215 mm long and 580 mm deep?

An area measuring 135 mm wide x 215 mm long x 580 mm deep has a volume of 0.0168345 cubic meters.

What does m stand for in measuring?

meter, if you are measuring distance

What is the unit for measuring vibration?


What does MM stand for in Roman Numerals?

MM = 2000

What does mean the mm eg 18 200 mm camera or 55 200 mm?

mm means millimeter which is small unit of measuring length

How many mm in 1 tons?

mm- Millimeter is measuring factor when ton is weight. You can't answer that.

In measuring how much is mm?

1 mm = 1/10 of a cm or 1/1000 of a meter

Uses of micrometer?

For accurately measuring .01 mm

What are the units of measuring precipitates?

in metric it will be mm/hr

What is the least count of measuring jar?

1 mm

Does mm stand for two men?

No, mm stands for millimeters.

What does mm stand for on photographic lenses?

mm stands for millimeters

What does mm wt stand for?

mm is millimeters & wt is weight

What does mm stand for in weight?

Are you thinking of Mm? Molar mass. Or millimeters?


MM in roman numerals stands for 2000

What is the least count of measuring tape?

1 mm

On the metric side of the ruler what does MM stand for?

mm stands for millimeters. There are 10 mm in a centimeter and 1000 mm in a meter.

What does 12 MM stand for?

The "mm" is the abbreviation for millimeters. So "12 mm" stands for "12 millimeters"

What does mm stand for in math?