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nine over twelve.

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Q: What does nine twelfths equal?
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What percent is equal to nine twelfths?


Are three-forths equal to nine twelfths?


What are 2 fractions that equal nine twelfths?

18/24 27/36

What is nine twelfths equal in lowest terms?


What is nine twelfths subtract two fourths?

If we convert to the same denominators:Nine twelfths subtract six twelfths = Three twelfths.

What is eight twelfths plus nine twelfths?

17 twelfths or 1 and 5 twelfths.

Is two thirds greater that nine twelfths?

no, two thirds = eight twelfths, so nine twelfths is bigger.

What is eight twelfths minus nine twelfths?


How many twelfths make three quarters?

nine twelfths

What is five sixths minus three forth as a fraction?

You change five sixths into ten twelfths and three quarters into nine twelfths. Then you subtract the nine twelfths from the ten twelfths, which equals one twelfth.

What fractions are less than ten twelfths?

nine twelfths eight twelfths ........ down to twelfth

What is nine twelfths as a decimal?

nine twelfths as a decimal = 0.759/12:= 9 ÷ 12= 0.75 in decimal

How many eighths is three twelfths equal to?

Three twelfths is equal to one fourth, which is equal to two eights.

What is nine twelfths of 269.39?


What is greater two thirds or nine twelfths?

2/3 is equal to 8/12 So 9/12 is greater

Four twelfths plus five twelfths equal?


What is one third plus one twelfths equal to?

five twelfths

What does four twelfths equal?

Four twelfths is one third, or about 0.333.

Is two and three fourths equal to eleven twelfths?

No. Two and three fourths is equal to thirty-two twelfths.

What does five-twelfths times nine-twentieths equal as a fraction?

45 / 240 = 9 / 48 = 3 / 16

Nine inches is what part of one foot?

it is nine twelfths of a foot.

What is nine twelfths the same as?


What is nine twelfths minus a third?


What is ten twelfths equal to?

Ten twelfths reduces to five sixths, which is the same as 83.35%.

What is 9 twelfths equal to?

75% or .75 or 3/4