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That is an integer that cannot be divided by 5 with a remainder of 0.
In other words, if you divide the number by 5, the remainder is not 0.

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Q: What does not a multiple of 5 mean?
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What does the first multiple of 5 mean?

The first multiple of any number is the number itself.

What is the most common multiple of 5 and 25?

Infinity but if you mean the lowest common multiple then it is 25

What does LCM mean in 5 grade?

Least common multiple

What is the greatest common multiple of 5 6 7?

Don't you mean least common multiple? The least common multiple is 210.

What is the least common multiple of 85?

If you mean 8 and 5 then it is 40

What is the LMC of 4 and 5?

If you mean least common multiple (LCM) of 4 and 5, 20.

What is the lowest common factor of 5 and 9?

I think you mean Least Common Multiple and it is 5

How multiple of10 is multiple of 5?

10 itself is a multiple of 5, so any multiple of 10 must also be a multiple of 5.

What is the least common multiple of eleven 5 9 and 7?

If you mean: 11 5 9 and 7 then it is 3465

What is the least multiple of 5?

The smallest multiple of 5 is 5.

Is 5 a multiple number?

5 is a multiple of 1 and 5.

What does a multiple of 5 mean?

A multiple of 5 refers to any number that can be evenly divided by 5 without leaving a remainder. In other words, a multiple of 5 is a number that is divisible by 5. For example, 10, 15, and 20 are all multiples of 5, since each of these numbers can be divided by 5 without any remainder.