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Q: What does one and four tenths go into a decimal?
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Which is a decimal that could go between the mixed numbers four and three fifths and four and nine tenths on a number line?


Where do i put the Decimal for three tenths?

Parts of a number like 3 tenths always go on the right side of the decimal point. Whole numbers go on the left side of the decimal point 3 tenths = .3

Were does the decimal go in the number Three tenths?

Three tenths is written as 0.3

What decimal can go between 4 three fifths and 4 nine tenths?

4.8 is one such.

What place dies the decimal go for nine tenths?


How do you write a fraction in tenths as a decimal?

You put the digit right after the decimal. For example, if you want to say 91 and 7tenths, you would show it like this:91.7 The tenths would go right after the decimal.

What is 387.36 rounded to the nearest tenth?


Where does four. tenths go on a number line?

To the right of the 0, at four tenths of the dostance between any two consecutive whole numbers.

How do you write seven and four tenths as a decimal?

Watch closely:7.4@above, yes, to elaborate, you are writing 7, and 40/100, which any fraction would go after the decimal point. so 7.40, you can also drop the 0

What is 0.9 in thousandths?

decimal places go .1(tenths) .01(hundredths), and .001(thousandths) and there are 10 thousandths in a hundredth and 10 hundredths in a tenth .9 is 9 tenths which is 90 hundredths or 900 thousandths but normally you would just say "nine tenths"

What is three and two tenths as a decimal?

2.3 2 is two wholes, which go on the left side of the decimal, and 3/10ths is .3 because the first decimal place to the right is 10ths. Hope I helped!

How to round 0.1738 tenths place?

0.1738 rounded to the nearest tenth would be 0.2 (you go to the hundredths place, the second place after the decimal point, and if it's five or greater, you round up, like in this case. If it's four or less, you round down).