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well 1 dollar is 100 cents and a quarter is a fourth of a dollar, 24



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Q: What does one quarter money mean?
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Does tuition mean how much money per quarter or the money all together?

per quarter, I believe

How much money is 0.06?

six pennies, a nickel and a penny, six cents, one one-hundredth of a dollar, one tenth of a penny, one quarter of a quarter.

What is a quarter in money?

25 cents * Or one fourth of a dollar.

What is A quarter in us money?

25 cents * Or one fourth of a dollar.

What does one quarter mean?

"ONE" is divided into 4 parts. one portion of this 4 parts is called 1/4 (One Quarter).

Is one forth one quoter?

if you mean one quarter than yes!

What is the seven letter word that mean one-fourth?


Seven letter word mean one-fourth?


What does a quarter to one mean?

25 minutes till 1

What fraction of one quarter is 150 ml?

150ml is 3/5 of 250ml - a quarter of a litre is that what you mean?

What does the quarter mean?

The quarter note gets one beat in music. If the time signature were 4/4, there would be four beats per measure and the quarter note gets one beat.

How you write one inch and a quarter?

If you mean one inch and a quarter inch then it is 11/4 or 1.25 inches