What does ontologically mean?

Updated: 11/1/2022
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there are three definitions: # Of or relating to ontology. # Of or relating to essence or the nature of being. # Of or relating to the argument for the existence of God holding that the existence of the concept of God entails the existence of God.

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Q: What does ontologically mean?
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Yes if the Bishop commits a sin which warrants his having his authority taken away from him. This has to be done by a higher authority. Usually this is followed be excommunication from the church.Roman Catholic AnswerNo, Catholic Bishop, like a priest is ontologically made into something different when he is consecrated. He is no longer what he was, he is now a bishop, and has been made that by God. It is more than an office, a vocation, or a job, it is what he is. So, no, only God would "unmake" a bishop, and the Good Lord never goes back on what He does. The Holy Father can remove him from his responsibilities as a Bishop but he can not "unmake" him.

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