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Q: What does parentheses are used to indicate?
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Why are roman numerals used in parentheses to show the numeric value?

To indicate multiplication by a thousand i.e. (V) = 1000*5 = 5000

What can you include in calculation to indicate which calculation should be done first?


How do you indicate the number of molecules in a substance?

The subscript outside the parentheses: (H2SO4)2

What are references in parentheses within the text called?

References in parentheses within the text are called in-text citations. They are used to indicate where information or ideas originated from and provide a way for readers to locate the full citation in the reference list or bibliography.

What are some differences between using parenthesis and quotation marks?

Parentheses are used to provide additional information or clarification within a sentence. Quotation marks, on the other hand, are used to indicate that someone is speaking verbatim or to highlight a word or phrase as a direct quote. Additionally, quotation marks are commonly used in titles of articles, songs, and chapters, while parentheses are not typically used for this purpose.

What is the plural of the parenthesis?

A parenthesis is just one ) or ( and the plural, parentheses, is almost always used.

On a commission statement if the number is in parentheses is it negative?

Accountants use those pointy parentheses that look like this: <> to indicate negative numbers. If your account reads <14.25> it means you owe $14.25

Does the writing in parentheses have to be in complete sentences?

No, it does not. Parentheses are used to include information that is not essential to the sentence. They can also be used to de-emphasize information. Of course, you can have complete sentences in parentheses, but it is not necessary.

What does the number in parentheses mean in MLA formatting?

The number in parentheses in MLA formatting typically refers to the page number of the source material being cited. It is used to indicate the specific location within the source where the information or quote was found.

How do you use the word parentheses in a sentence?

Parentheses are the little "(" and ")" marks used to denote something said in an aside. You should enclose this phrase in parentheses.

What does a subscript following a set of parenthesis in a chemical formula indicate?

The number of units of the polyatomic ions with formulas contained within the parentheses that are present in a formula unit.

Why are parentheses used in sentences?

Parentheses are used in sentences in two different ways. They can enclose words or figures to clarify, or they can be used to enclose numbers or letters used for a list of items.