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Q: What does parenthesis mean in math?
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What is the math term definition of parenthesis?

Parenthesis simply is (Brackets)

What is a parenthesis in math?


How do you know a math problem is distributed property?

There is a number on the outside of the parenthesis & there is a set of parenthesis.

What does the math term associative mean?

The associative property of math refers to grouping. This property states that you can group numbers (move the parenthesis) anyway and the result will remain the same.

What is pharentheces in math?

parenthesis means that you do all that you have to get rid of them first

What is the name of the property in math when you move the parenthesis?

Distributive property

What is paresenthesis?

(Parenthesis)first no offense but you spelled parenthesis wrong and second parenthesis are these (get it) sometimes you can use them in math,or just to IM with a person like this = ) or = ( see now u get it and in math just if you were wondering sometimes you use them to stand for multiplication and sometimes just to separate equations!

What are the parenthesis in an equation mean?

Do the work inside the parenthesis first.

In a math problem what is parenthesis?

Parentheses is when you are doing an equation, and you solve the problem.

What is the associative property of math in algebra?

It involves 3 or more numbers. The parenthesis indicates the terms that are considered one unit.The groupings are within the parenthesis.

What is a associative property in math?

a+(b+c)=(a+b)+c if you have multiple addition or multiplication numbers in parenthesis then the numbers in the parenthesis' order doesn't matter

What are the numbers in the parenthesis in a math problem called?

The same thing its just digits