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perfume plus water plus perfume equals


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โˆ™ 2011-04-16 22:04:23
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Q: What does perfume plus water plus perfume equals?
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Photosynthesis equals carbon dioxide plus water equals ---------- plus oxygen?


Equation acid and alkali - acid plus alkali equals?

Acid plus alkali equals salt plus water.

Glucose plus oxygen plus water equals carbon dioxide plus water is the formula for?

It is for resperation

Lipid plus water equals fatty acids plus glycerol?


What is acid plus Alkali equals salt plus?


What does Salt plus hydrogen equals acid plus what?


Water plus air plus iron equals?


What is sunlight plus water plus carbon dioxide equal?

For a plant, it equals food, for anything else, it equals warm, fizzy water.

NaHCO3 plus CaCl2 plus H2O equals?

NaCl plus CaCO3 plus water

Glucose plus fructose equals Sucrose plus water?


Glucose plus glucose equals maltose plus water?


MgO plus 2HCl equals MgCl2 plus?

water [H20]

What is the word equation for CO2 plus H2O equals H2CO3?

Carbon dioxide plus water equals carbonic acid.

1 plus 1 equals 2 plus 2 equals 4 plus 4 equals 8 plus 8 equals 16 plus 16 equals 32 plus 32 equals 64 plus 64 equals 128 plus 128 equals 256 plus 256 equals 512 plus 512 equals 1024 plus 1024 equals?


What Water plus lemon juice plus salt equals?

hcl acid

Acid plus carbonate equals salt plus what plus what?

Plus water and carbon dioxide, also products.

Acid plus base equals?


When driving what does water plus speed equals?


Enemy plus you equals friend Hate plus you equals love Tears plus you equals smile Confusion plus you equals solution Nothing plus you equals everything and Me plus You equals equals please reply?


Glycine plus alanine plus tryptophan equals polypepetide plus water is what kind of reaction?


Iron plus water equals iron oxide plus hydrogen?

i think so

What is 4 plus 1 plus 4 plus 77685769844446473 plus 3 plus 8 plus 1 plus 23122312 plus 6 plus 1 equals 2 plus 9870998342523322424 plus 4?

4+1=5. Plus 4 equals 9. Plus 77685769844446473 equals 77685769844446482. Plus 3 equals 77685769844446485. Plus 8 equals 77685769844446493. Plus 1 equals 77685769844446494. Plus 9870998342523322424 equals 1064785604097768918. Plus 4 equals 1064785604097768922.

What are the reactants of glucose plus oxygen equals ATP plus carbon dioxide plus water plus heat?

Glucose and oxygen.

Metal oxide plus water equals?

metal hydroxide

What is the equation glucose plus oxygen equals energy plus water plus?

When glucose meets oxygen it reduces to water, carbon dioxide and releases energy.

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