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Q: Glucose plus fructose equals Sucrose plus water?
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Sucrose plus water equals glucose plus fructose?

sucrose + water = glucose + fructose is the chemical equation for the hydrolysis of sucrose into glucose and fructose.

Sucrose water equals glucose fructose is an example of what type of reaction?

sucrose + water --> glucose + fructose is an example of Hydrolysis of disaccharides

Does fructose plus glucose plus water make sucrose?

fructose + glucose -> sucrose + water

What does sucrose and water make?

glucose and fructose

When glucose in fructose join together what do they from?

sucrose and water

Which component for the following reaction is substrate for sucrose surcase water sucrase glucose fructose?


What name is given to the following reaction sucrose water - glucose fructose?


What is glucose plus fructose - sucrose plus water?

This reaction is called hydrolysis.

When two glucose molecules combine to form sucrose what molecule comes out of the reaction?

The reaction is a condensation reaction so in addition to the disaccharide water is also a product. N.B. glucose + glucose -> maltose + water (not sucrose) glucose + fructose -> sucrose + water

Sucrose is a disaccharide composed of the monosaccharides glucose and fructose what does the hydrolysis of sucrose by the enzyme sucrase results in?

The hydrolysis of sucrose by the enzyme sucrase results in breaking the bond between glucose and fructose and forming new bonds from the atoms of water.

Glucose plus fructose sucrose minus water what chemical reaction is this?

This is a dehydration reaction.

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