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The sides perpendicular to each other are at right angles (90 degrees, or square) to each other. An example of a figure with two pair of perpendicular sides is the rectangle.

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Q: What does perpendicular sides mean?
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Related questions

Does a rhombus have parallel and perpendicular sides?

It has parallel sides, but not perpendicular.

Are all sides perpendicular in a rectangle?

Adjacent sides are perpendicular. Opposite sides are parallel.

Which shape has no pair of perpendicular sides but no parallel sides?

shape no pairs of perpendicular sides

What are sides that form a right angle?

Mutually perpendicular, adjacent sides.Mutually perpendicular, adjacent sides.Mutually perpendicular, adjacent sides.Mutually perpendicular, adjacent sides.

Does a rectangle have perpendicular sides?

yes, all the sides are perpendicular

Does an equilateral triangle have perpendicular sides?

No. a equilateral triangle does not have perpendicular sides.

What quadrilateral always has perpendicular sides?

A rectangle always has perpendicular sides.

What shape has no sides perpendicular?

No sides perpendicular means no right angles. A rhombus is a quadrilateral with no right angles so no sides perpendicular.

Does a dodecagon has no pair of perpendicular sides but has pair of perpendicular sides?

The question contradicts itself. A dodecagon need not have any perpendicular sides.

What is the difference of parallel sides and perpendicular sides?

Parallel sides do not intersect. Perpendicular sides intersect at a right angle.

How many perpendicular sides does a pentagon have?

A regular pentagon has zero perpendicular sides. If it is irregular, it could have as many as 2 or 4 perpendicular sides.

Does a square only has two perpendicular sides?

No, a square has four perpendicular sides.

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