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They are lines that cross each other at a perfect 90 degree angle.

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What does two white lines mean on the road?

Two white lines mean you should not cross these lines.

What do geometric lines mean?

They could be: parallel lines, perpendicular lines or intersecting lines

What does transversal lines mean?

They are lines that cut through parallel lines

What do two blue lines on a pregnancy test mean?

two lines mean pregnant !

What does it mean when lines are parell?

_____ lines are parallel and run _____.

What is the difference formula for parallel and perpendicular lines?

parellel lines mean they are to lines the same

What does it mean in poems 12 lines?

To have 12 different lines.

How many lines on sheet music?

If you mean the stave lines there are 5

What does 8-10 lines mean?


What does it mean when you see lines in your vision?

seeing lines and dots in your vision

How many lines are in London?

If you mean underground (tube) lines, there are 11.

How many lines mean no parking at all?

Double yellow lines.

What does it mean if a shape has 2 lines of symmetry what doe s this mean?

It means it has 2 lines of 'mirror images'

What does the lines in the palm of your hand mean?

Those lines mean nothing when you were born you had very little lines it was just where you closed your hand. nothing important. Listen to yourself not your hand!

What do the lines on a clam mean?

They are lines of growth. However, this is not true of the bearded clam.

What do the vertical lines mean in music?

THe vertical lines separate bars (measures).

What does the term perpendicular lines mean?

Perpendicular lines are two lines that intersect to form four right angles.

Does an octagon have parrellel sides?

You mean lines or sides? But,octagon has parallel lines. Um, four parallel lines.

What do the lines of longitude and latitude mean?

On a map, longitude lines go up and down, AKA vertically. Latitude lines are horizontal lines on a map.

What does the lines XXlll mean?


What does the lines on the ruler mean?


What what does emphasis mean?

lines of latitude

What does it mean when lines are close together on a topographic map?

If the lines are contours - it signifies that the land is steeper the closer the lines are drawn

What does it mean for two lines to be parallel?

it means that two straight lines that will never connect

What do double broken yellow lines on side of the road mean?

those are parking lines